Delta universal plate clamp

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Delta Universal Plate Clamp

Delta Universal Plate Clamp

Lift and turn steel sheets with the Delta universal plate clamp which permits angled lifting with reduced capacities. We offer lifting capacities ranging from 500kg up to 5000kg at great prices.

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Using a Delta Plate Clamp

Lifting steel sheets at an angle or changing its orientation can be impossible with a standard horizontal or vertical plate clamp, however with the Delta universal plate clamp this can be achieved efficiently.

Thanks to the hinged lifting eye which pivots through 180 degrees you can lift a steel sheet from horizontal and raise it to vertical or visa versa.

The Delta universal plate lifting clamp also enables you to lift sheet materials at a range of angles from vertical. However you will need to consult the angle reduction chart because when these clamps are used at angles the safe working load needs to be reduced due to the additional forces implied on the clamp. Typically for aangles up to 22 degrees from vertical will have the full 100% lifting capacity; Where the lifting angle is between 22 and 45 degrees the capacity will be reduced to 75% of the full lifting capacity (i.e. a 1000kg clamp will be reduced to 750kg). For angles ranging between 45 and 90 degrees the safe working load limit will be reduced by half (50%); They cannot be used for angles outside of these ranges.

It is also important to note that all lifting clamps of this nature have a minimum load capacity; this varies across all makes and models.

The Delta plate clamp has one of the lowest minimum load capacities around at 10% of the WLL.

Why do plate clamps have a minimum load range?

Plate lifting clamps have a minimum load allowance due to the way in which the clamps work. The clamping jaws clamp progressively harder the heavier the load, as the load is lifted the weight pushes more forces onto the jaw pulling it down tighter and tighter to safely hold the load; thus if the load is too light the jaws will not clamp safely enough to lift the load with out the risk of the sheet slipping out.

Key Features of the Delta Plate Lifting Clamp

Besides the already mentioned pivoting load eye the Delta clamp has some other key features worth a mention. The jaws are hardened and are designed for sheet materials with a surface hardness up to HRC 37. The minimum load allowed at this hardness is 10% of the WLL; however this can be reduced to just 5% if the HRC is 27 or less.

The steel jaws can be locked in the open or closed position thanks to the locking lever.

The Delta universal clamp is supplied complete with test certification, declaration of conformity and operating instructions. Complying with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC you can be assured of a quality product.

Other Plate Lifting Equipment

There are some different varieties of plate lifting equipment available from Lifting Gear Direct. Besides the great range of plate clamps we can also offer a choice of plate lifting magnets including the permanent variety and battery powered magnets.

Other products for handling sheet materials are plate lifting dogs, these come in a choice of styles with some being capable of lifting multiple sheets in one go.

Get in touch with theLifting Gear Direct team if you need any help or advice.

Model Capacity Min-Max(kg) Jaw Range (mm) Net Weight (kg)
DC0500 50 – 500 0-15 2
DC1000 100 – 1000 0-20 4.8
DC2000 200 – 2000 0-25 6.5
DC3000 300 – 3000 0-30 15
DC5000 500 – 5000 0-50 23
Capacity A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm)
500kg 212 103 36 30 43 17
1000kg 294 138 50 48 63 22
2000kg 370 164 52 68 76 27
3000kg 418 193 78 74 85 32
5000kg 450 240 88 80 90 52

delta universal plate clamp dimensions