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Stainless steel long d shackle

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Stainless Steel Long D Shackle

Stainless Steel Long D Shackle

Here we have a stainless steel long d shackle with a screw collar pin. The added length of the shank means it can accommodate a range of attachment types.

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 It is one of a number of stainless steel shackles we stock. In this case the long d shackle is not rated for load bearing, but is still effective as an anchor point. This shackle is made from Stainless steel AISI 316 with a polished finish. This means it can be cleaned quickly and will look great as it glints and glimmers in the light. An attractive shackle like this can make a statement about your business, showing attention to detail taken in the appearance of practical assemblies. 

Stainless Steel Long D Shackle Design & Dimensions

Lifting Gear Direct can supply these long shackles come in a range of lengths with internal length measurements up to 70mm from the top of the shank to the screw pin. 

Take a look at the table of technical data further down the page if you need exact details about the dimensions of the shackles in this range. You will also see the expected weight of these shackles according to the number of pieces that are ordered. 

Safety & Uses

These long shackles have not been tested to comply with lifting regulations and for that reason these stainless steel shackles should not be utilizes for lifting operations. For complete confidence in the kit you use, why not check out our fully load-tested stainless steel high tensile dee shackles. They can provide working load limits of up to 18 tonnes, which is ideal for load handling. 

These long dee shackles are ideal for use in marine rigging with other stainless steel components. They will not corrode quickly when exposed to the elements, limiting the wear and tear they suffer over time. This makes them reliable as well as good looking, in spite of not being suited for lifting duties. 

Survey our Shackle range

Take a look at all the lifting shackles we sell if a stainless steel long dee unit is not to your liking. We have standard dee shackles with a range of designs and coatings. We also have bow shackles that can manage angled loads. 

If the marine benefits of these stainless steel models are important, then our special shackle line up will hold even more products you might want. You can even encounter ROV release shackles for impressive sub-sea performance. 

Contact our Shackle Specialists

Head to the contact page if you want to email the LGD team with a question, or to get a quote. Calling us is also easy, as you can reach our friendly sales staff when you ring 01384 76961. We can talk through your shackle issues and come up with the right solution in any scenario.

Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Diameter Eye Width Inside Length Inside Weight per 100 Pieces  
a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm kg stainless steel long dee shackle
4 4 8 8 30 1
5 5 10 10 37 2
6 6 12 12 45 4
8 8 16 16 60 9
10 10 20 20 75 20
12 12 24 24 90 32