Stainless steel twisted shackle

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Stainless Steel Twisted Shackle

Stainless Steel Twisted Shackle

Stainless steel is an excellent material for creating shackles that look good. This is particularly true in the case of our twisted shackles, which stand out from the crowd with their unusual yet practical design. You can choose from a range of sizes in this range, or browse our wider shackle line up if this is not the right type for your needs.

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Features of Stainless Steel Twisted Shackles

This twisted shackle is manufactured from stainless steel to AISI 316, with a polished finish; though cannot be approved for lifting applications as they haven't been tested. 

We do stock load-tested stainless steel shackles, including high tensile dee units and bow design examples. Of course in the case of these twisted shackles, lifting regulations are not relevant since they have different uses in specific scenarios, as you will find out next. 

Stainless steel is a good material for shackles because it can be maintained without any hassle and its finish will keep it looking good whatever the weather. Dirt and grease can be wiped away where necessary and the lifespan of the shackle should be extended thanks to this. 

Uses of a Twisted Shackle

They can be used as a connector for two objects where one needs to be turned to be in a 90 degree orientation the first object, this occurs because the top curve of the shackle's shank is perpendicular to the screw pin. They are perfect for reducing twisting in yacht rigging and are commonly utilized on many sea-faring vessels. 

Available in a range of sizes with the opening end shank width ranging from 10mm up to 24mm enabling the connection of many different sized objects. Just below this summary you will find all the technical data you need, arranged in a simple table. This should streamline the selection process, although if you still have questions about twisted shackles, contact us for help. 

Classic Shackle Selection

If you are already set for twisted shackles but would like to add other types to your inventory, we can supply what you need. Our site is the best place to find bow and dee shackles, as well as stainless steel examples with longer shanks for use in rigging. 

Other marine shackles we sell include trawling shackles with high quality components and full EC certification across load limits of up to 25 tonnes.  Meanwhile our ROV shackles are suitable for sub-sea use and are even more resilient than their standard counterparts. 

While you are here, why not browse our lifting equipment supplies? You will find beam attachments, wire rope products and lots more high quality options at competitive prices. 

How to get in touch

Contact us, Lifting Gear Direct for more information about our shackles, or to get a quote for an order you want to place with us. If you would rather speak to one of our specialists in real time, you can call 01384 76961 and get the help and guidance you need today.

Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Diameter Eye Width Inside Length Inside Weight per 100 Pieces  
a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm kg stainless steel twisted shackles
5 5 10 10 36 2
6 6 12 12 42 4
8 8 16 16 56 9
10 9.5 19 20 60 11
12 12 24 24 72 32