4 tonne round sling

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4 Tonne Round Sling

4 Tonne Round Sling

The 4000kg round lifting sling is grey colour coded and is available up to 6 metres long. With a 4 tonne lifting capacity this sling is a great addition to your lifting kit for lifting softer, more delicate items.

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 About the 4 Tonne Round Sling 

Softer and suppler than standard web slings, our round slings are ideal for moving loads that are a little more delicate than usual. This 4 tonne round sling offers a higher capacity along with a design that ensures durability and regulatory compliance. 

Quick overview

Grey in colour to fit with the lifting equipment industry standard the 4 tonne round sling has a working load limit of 4000kg when used in a standard straight lift,  this can be doubled in a basket lift but will need to be lowered if used in a choke hitch. Consult the relevant round sling load charts for full information. 

If you need round slings with larger or even lower capacities than this 4 tonne model, Lifting Gear Direct is here to help. Our round sling line up starts with a 1 tonne example and rises right up to 12 tonnes in capacity, so there is something for every customer. 

Lifting Gear Direct offer many types and sizes of lifting slings to suit most scenarios but please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for, bespoke slings can usually be accommodated. 

Expanded options

It is not just round slings and lifting slings that the LGD team can create in-house to ensure your exacting requirements are met; we have a whole host of own-brand items which are entirely customisable. 

Take our gantry systems, for example, which are often used in conjunction with lifting slings as well as hoists for speedy, convenient and safe lifting in a range of scenarios. You can choose the dimensions, load capacity and accessories for your gantry that can then be manufactured and added by our engineering team to give you guaranteed satisfaction with no compromises necessary. 

Call or email for more information

The fastest way to let us know what you need, whether it is a custom round sling or any other order, is to call our sales line on 01384 76961. We also have a contact form which lets you email LGD with questions. We reply quickly to all online messages.


Average Diameter MM Lifting Factor Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
  Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
    straight hitch type

choke hitch type

basket hitch type

basket angle hitch type

hitch type

32 GREY 4 3.2 8 5.6 4