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Semi auto horizontal drum tongs raptor dn500

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Semi-Auto Horizontal Drum Tongs Raptor DN500

Semi-Auto Horizontal Drum Tongs Raptor DN500

One of our cheaper options for lifting steel drums the DN500 is a horizontal lifter for steel drums.
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About the Horizontal Drum Tongs – Semi Automatic DN500

There is an abundance of drum lifting equipment available in the current climate but the majority tend to lift vertically; this is one of the few products which are designed for the horizontal lifting and transportation of steel drums. It is also possible to lift large & XL ringed plastic drums as long as they have a lower rim/lip.

Made from just 4 pieces of flat steel ; a left jaw, right jaw, locking lever and lifting eye, all held together with robust  fixings the DN500 needs minimal maintenance and is easy to use, store and transport.

These semi-automatic drum tongs work with the same principal as most other drum tongs in that they utilize the weight of a drum and gravity to apply the necessary forces to the tong arms to hold the drum securely. Because the drum’s weight is required for the tongs to operate correctly the drum will need to be lifted, very slightly and slowly for this force to be applied.

Using the semi-automatic drum tongs

Use the incorporated eye/ring to attach the tongs to a lifting device; this may be an electric hoist, chain block, fork lift hook attachment of crane.

The locking lever should be set to the open position so the jaws can open wide enough to grab the top and bottom rim of the drum. Position the drum tongs centrally over the drum and lower to pass over the rims. Now you can release the lever so that the arms can fall inwards to make contact with the drum, on lifting the grabs will automatically come to rest under the drum rim, with the weight when lifted ensuring the drum remains held firmly until it is put down again.

Other drum handling equipment

We do have a few other types of drum handling equipment which can also be used for horizontal drums. There is a drum carrying truck, the HD80A and various other drum carriers as well as fork lift mounted drum handlers and other tongs and grabs. Browse the full range of drum handlers to find out all the details and request a quote if you would like a price on any product.

If you need a hoisting device for use with your drum handler then Lifting Gear Direct can supply these too, we have a huge range of both electric hoists and chain blocks and together with our beam trolley’s they would make a perfect accompaniment to drum tongs.



Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DN500 500 Steel 210 Litre (55 gallon) 8Kgs