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Single fork lift drum grab raptor dg10

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Single Fork Lift Drum Grab Raptor DG10

Single Fork Lift Drum Grab Raptor DG10

This is a simple drum grabbing device which fits with ease to a fork lift truck. This model is operated without the need to leave the seat of your fork lift truck.
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More about the Single Fork Lift Drum Grab DG10

With decent sized pockets the forklift truck can be driven straight in, making fitting extremely easy. It is secured to the forks by means of two screw clamps which tighten up directly on the forks. It can be a good idea to also add an extra safety chain to secure the fitting to the truck. This is not essential but can add an extra safety precaution so if in the event the screw clamps become too loose the attachment cannot simply slide off the forks as the safety chain will hold it form. Whether you decide on a safety chain or not, you should check the bolts for tightness periodically during use.

Positioning the attachment on the drum is a simple operation. The forklift should be slowly driven until the attachment makes contact just under the top rolling loop of the drum, then slowly and slightly lower the forks whilst driving forwards, the drum grabs will automatically open and close around the drum. You can lift the drum now; the weight of the drum will act as a force which is imposed on the grab to ensure it remains firmly held until you are ready to set it down. When the drum is lowered and hits the ground you can slowly lower the forks and reverse the truck and the drum will automatically release.

More Drum Handling Solutions

We have a wide range of lifting equipment here at Lifting Gear Direct  including many types of drum handling equipment, not all are fork lift mounted, some can be slung under a crane or used with a hoisting device, we also have our drum truck collection with which you can manoeuvre drums with ease around the workplace. It doesn’t matter how you want to lift your drums either, we have models to lift from the top rim, the middle and the bottom or a combination; tipping, turning and emptying can also be achieved with some products.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Weight
DG10 682 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 55Kgs