Stainless steel cast eye bolts not tested

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Stainless Steel Cast Eye Bolts - Not Tested

Stainless Steel Cast Eye Bolts - Not Tested

For affordable stainless steel eye bolts, look no further than these cast units that have not been load tested.

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 While this does make them unsuitable for lifting duties, they are still extremely decorative thanks to their natural shine. They can therefore be used as basic anchor points in construction jobs and other settings, where having an official working load limit is not essential. 

Tried & Untested

The inexpensive nature of these cast stainless steel eye bolts does come at a cost, which is of course based on the fact that they are untested, as already mentioned. Thankfully at Lifting Gear Direct we also stock dropforged stainless steel eye bolts  which have been put through their paces and come with certified load capacities. This allows us to cater to customers of all kinds, whatever their needs and budgets. 

Advantages of the Stainless steel cast eye bolts – not tested

While they may not be built for hauling loads, these eye bolts still leverage the basic perks of stainless steel as a material. Namely, they are able to prevent corrosion from getting a foothold for much longer than usual. This lets them withstand outdoor use with ease, making them simple to maintain as well as cheap to procure. 

We can also vouch for their attractiveness, which is perhaps the main selling point after their durability. If you have plans to turn heads with some eye bolts on your next project, stainless steel units are an excellent choice

Lifting Accessories Galore

The LGD site is packed with great lifting accessories, besides these stainless steel eye bolts. You can find collared eye bolts, lifting slings, load restraints and almost every other type of product imaginable in this marketplace. We can even build bespoke gantry systems to order, along with providing a host of inspection services for LOLER compliance

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stainless steel cast eye bolt - not tested
Diameter Thread Diameter Base Diameter Eye Outside Diameter Eye Inside Length Tness Base Height Weight Per 100 Pieces
a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm g mm kg
6 20 36 20 13 6 36 3
8 20 36 20 13 6 36 6
10 25 45 25 17 8 45 10.3
12 30 54 30 20.5 10 53 17.7
16 35 63 35 27 12 62 28
20 40 72 40 30 14 71 45
24 45 90 45 36 18 90 74