Why choose an aluminium gantry crane over a standard steel mobile gantry crane? We’ve listed the main benefits and differences here.

What is aluminium?

To briefly cover the basics, aluminium is a metal. Steel is the most commonly used metal, but aluminium bears many similarities. For example, it can be melted and can conduct electricity.

But, how is aluminium different to other metals? We’ve looked at its main properties:

It’s lightweight

One of its most desirable properties is that it is an extremely light metal, weighing roughly a third of that of steel. Despite its lighter nature, it is still a strong metal

Resistance to corrosion

Another of the most sought after properties of this metal is the fact that it has a natural protective oxide coating, which means that aluminium offers a great level of resistance to corrosion. 

Aluminium is a popular and widely used metal in many industries

A reflective nature

It’s a shiny metal, which means that it has a reflective nature. You will find that aluminium, therefore, is able to reflect things such as light and heat.


It possesses other properties too, which aren’t necessarily applicable to the lifting gear industry, but we thought we’d include them briefly. These are; a good thermal and electrical conductivity, a ductile nature, a good metal to be recycled, non-magnetic and an impermeable and odourless nature.

The benefits of an aluminium gantry crane

So, how do these properties translate into benefits for an aluminium gantry crane? You will find that this type of equipment is much lighter and more portable than its steel counterparts. And, given its higher level of corrosion resistance, it is also a much better piece of gear to use outdoors when there may be harmful elements at play.

We offer a range of aluminium gantry cranes here, with lifting capabilities of 250kg right through to 2000kg. They are lightweight and foldable, meaning they can be easily transported around your worksite, or even between multiple worksites.

We also offer optional extras such as levelling feet / parking jacks or winch kits. You can enquire about our equipment and optional extras below.

Things to consider

It is worth noting that in some cases it would be better to go with steel equipment. What aluminium offers in lightness and resistance, it loses in strength. While it is still a strong metal, steel mobile gantries have higher total capabilities than this type of equipment. For heavier duty operations, we recommend steel products.

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