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Yale cpvf 25 8 electric hoist

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Yale CPV/F 25-8 Electric Hoist

Yale CPV/F 25-8 Electric Hoist

Capable of lifting loads weighing up to 2.5 tonnes, the CPV/F 25-8 is a dual speed electric hoist manufactured by Yale. It has robust design, a convenient feature set and is part of our extensive lifting gear line up.
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Benefits of the Yale CPV/F 25-8 Electric Hoist

In keeping with the rest of the CPV/F hoist family, this 25-8 model is made to survive the kinds of environments where dust, moisture and other potential sources of damage are present. Both the motor and the control pendant of this hoist will resist the ingress of foreign materials, while also being sturdy enough for the rough and tumble of regular use.

The 2500kg working load limit of this hoist is impressive in its own right, while the fact that it has not one but two working speeds on offer is doubly noteworthy. For everyday lifting operations, the 8 metres per minute main speed should suffice. For situations in which slower operation is preferable, the 2 metres per minute speed setting will come into its own.


Lifting Gear Direct is your one stop shop for hoists and hoisting equipment of every kind. From lever hoists to manual chain blocks, you will not find as much variety anywhere else. Even if the Yale CPV/F 25-8 is not what you are looking for, our line up should include the kit or components you require.

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Model CPVF 25-8
A, mm 514
A1, mm 288
A2 (Size I), mm 580
A2 (Size II), mm 764
A2 (Size III), mm 854
A2 (Size IV), mm  
B, mm 37
B1, mm 33
C, mm 46
C1, mm 71
C2, mm 194
D, mm 35
D1, mm  25
E, mm  409
G, mm  179
G1 (Size I), mm 264
G1 (Size II), mm 264
G1 (Size III), mm 264
G1 (Size IV), mm   
H, mm 230
H2, mm 230
K, mm 335
M (Size I), mm  300
M (Size II), mm 300
M (Size III), mm  301
M (Size IV),mm   
N?, mm  299

CPV 25-8 dimensions

Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG)
CPV/F 25-8 2500/1 11 x 31 1Am/M4 8 2 3.6/0.9 33/17 85