Yellow pin d shackle with safety bolt

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Yellow Pin D Shackle with Safety Bolt

Yellow Pin D Shackle with Safety Bolt

The yellow pin d shackles with safety bolt are an economy version of a similar green pin shackle; and so are somewhat cheaper, although they still have a working load limit range from 2t up to 55t.

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  • £3.42

Made from grade 6 high tensile steel generally to US FED spec rr-c-271 standards. 

Design of Yellow Pin D Shackles

The safety bolt on these shackles incorporates a cotter pin or split pin to prevent the bolt becoming disengaged. They are suitable for straight lifts only; side loading is not good practice and can be dangerous. 

If you do need to take on side loading lifting jobs, then our bow shackles are a better option. The yellow pin bow shackle with safety bolt range conforms to the same standards as this dee shackle equivalent, while also offering an identical selection of working load limits. 

Why choose shackles with safety bolts included?

These yellow pin dee shackles with safety bolt are perfect for everyday lifting tasks and are used in many industries. They come with a hot dipped galvanised finish for added protection.

EC conformity declaration certification is issued as standard. This means you can be certain that the quality of each shackle we stock is up to scratch, as well as being consistent across every unit. 

We are also able to supply British Standard shackles with safety bolts where the pin is located through the nut. 

Additional Shackle Options

We have covered a couple of other types of shackles that we stock when discussing our yellow pin dee shackles, but there are many more to consider. 

You might be in the market for cheap commercial dee shackles that are not weight rated but still provide adequate anchoring power. You might need stainless steel shackles which can survive harsh environments and come out on top. 

At Lifting Gear Direct, you have your pick of a plethora of amazing shackle products. You can also harness our site to find lifting equipment which will combine with the shackles we sell

Call or email with your shackle questions

LGD can give you the low down on all our shackle products, or quote you for an order you want to make. Just call us on 01384 76961 and the sales team will take you through the next steps. Our contact form lets you email us if you are not a fan of phone conversations, so you can get the same great service online.

Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Diameter Eye Inside Width Inside Length Weight Each  
tons a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm kg yellow pin dee shackle with safety bolt
2 13 16 30 20 41 0.34
3.25 16 19 38 27 51 0.67
4.75 19 22 46 32 60 1.14
6.5 22 25 53 36 71 1.75
8.5 25 28 61 43 81 2.52
9.5 28 32 68 46 90 3.45
12 32 35 76 51 100 4.91
13.5 35 38 84 57 111 6.24
17 38 42 92 60 122 8.4
25 45 50 106 73 146 14.26
35 50 57 119 83 171 18.53
55 65 70 145 105 203 35.33