Zero gravity tool balancer 100 180kg

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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 100-180kg 9422 – 9456

Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 100-180kg 9422 – 9456

This range of zero gravity tool balancers 100-180kg is the largest of our spring balancers and capable of handling any tool or load within this capacity range at your required position for as long as you want it there.

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About the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 100-180kg

This collection of zero gravity tool balancers incorporates models 9422 - 9426 which have stroke lengths of 2500mm and models 9451 – 5456 with the top 3000mm stroke length. Your choice will depend on the length of operation you require your tools or load to be useable at.

Unlike the retractabletool balancers these zero gravity versions are capable of holding your tool/load anywhere within the set stroke length thanks to being adjustable. The holding capacity can also be adjusted, this will need doing each time you attach a new load/tool with a different weight. By doing this, the load will hold effortlessly wherever you position it. There is a locking device to clamp or release the tool anywhere within the stroke length indefinitely.

Other key elements to this range of zero gravity spring balancers 100-180kg include a tapered drum with precision guides to ensure smooth winding of the stainless steel cable. This will also help to prevent cable jamming.

A swivel top hook with safety latch ensures the spring balancer remains attached to its anchor point.

The main body of this device is made from aluminium which is strengthened by its ribbed design and casting.

Options for the zero gravity spring balancer 100-180kg

There are a number of options to choose from if you decide to place an order for this device. Holding capacity and stroke length are the main choices.

There is also the option to include a rubber cover for the main body to give the extra protection sometimes needed, depending on the working environment.

Also available are a few optional extras at the time of ordering (please call if you require these).

Firstly there is a special floor control device for locking in position with you foot.

Secondly there is the option of a ball bearing type load hook.

More Spring Balancers

If this is not quite the right model for your needs then check out our other tool springbalancers. We can supply the retractable type and some ATEX rated models besides other capacities of zero gravity balancers. Tool handling powered hoists are another option you may wish to consider. We have both electric and powered options available. For electric tool handling hoists check out the Demag, Kito or Gis collections and for Air powered tool handling hoists take a look at Red Rooster or JDN.

Let us know if you need any help with a quick call to Lifting Gear direct on 01384 76961.

ITEM 9422 9423 9424 9425 9426 9451 9452 9453 9454 9455 9456
Capacity (kg) 100-120 120-140 130-150 140-160 160-180 100-115 115-130 130-140 140-150 150-160 160-180
Stroke (mm) 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Net weight (kg) 36.61 38.51 38.83 40.9 43.2 39.7 39.9 42.8 45.6 49 50
Gross weight (kg) 40 41.9 42.2 43.3 46.6 43.5 43.7 46.6 49.4 52.8 53.8
Package dimensions (mm) 600x320x420 600x320x420 600x320x420 600x320x420 600x320x420 600×320 x420 600×320 x420 600×320 x420 600×320 x420 600×320 x420 600×320 x420
zero gravity tool balancer 100-180kg