Zero gravity tool balancer 60 100kg

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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 60-100kg 9411-9441

Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 60-100kg 9411-9441

With higher handling capacities this range of heavy duty zero gravity tool balancers 60-100kg are ideal for heavier tools and loads in industrial settings. There are a range of additional options available, read below to find out more.

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About the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 60-100kg 9411- 9441

Commonly used on construction sites, for installations and many other industrial areas the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 60-100kg aids in load positioning, tool handling and maintenance tasks.

Because it is zero gravity rather than the standard retractable spring balancer type it can be set to hold your load or tool in a set position, when loads are changed the balancer will probably need re-adjusting to work precisely with the weight of the new load.

With both weight and stroke adjustability these tool balancers can be adapted to suit any load within the load handling capacity range. You can choose from 4 capacity options; 60-70kg, 70-80kg, 80-90kg & 90-100kg. Models 9411-9414 have a 2500mm stroke length whilst models 9441-9444 have a stroke length of 3000mm. All models can have a rubber cover added onto the housing for extra protection if required.

Other features of the 60-100kg zero gravity spring balancer

Besides the above mentioned features these spring tool balancers have many other features including;

  • cast aluminium housing (ribbed construction for strength)
  • Tapered drum with ball bearings and precision winding, for smooth running and jamming prevention.
  • Quality stainless steel cable plus an auxiliary safety cable.
  • Swivel safety hooks
  • Locking mechanism for holding at a certain position.
  • Safety mechanism for load fall prevention in case of spring failure.
  • Capacity adjustment by worm screw
  • Adjustable stroke limiter.

Optional Extras include;

  • Rubber casing
  • load hook with swivel and ball bearings
  • floor controlled locking device.

Other Tool Handling Options

There is a range of other options for tool handling available from Lifting Gear Direct. The zero gravity tool balancers like this one here also come in other capacity ranges. We also supply retractable spring balancers and some ATEX rated models.

Other options include powered hoists with a tool handling attachment, we have a range of electric and air powered options from a range of manufacturers to choose from. Demag, Gis and Kito provide the electric hoist tool handlers and Red Rooster and JDN provide the air powered tool handling hoists.

Get in touch if you need any more help or information.

ITEM 9411 9412 9413 9414 9441 9442 9443 9444
Capacity (kg) 60-70 70-80 80-90 90-100 60-70 70-80 80-90 80-100
Stroke (mm) 2500 2500 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3000
Net weight (kg) 25.56 26.75 27.9 28.46 27 28 29 29
Gross weight (kg) 28.5 29.7 30.8 31.4 30.2 31.2 32.2 32.2
Package dimensions (mm) 600x320x330 600x320x330 600x320x330 600x320x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330

 zero gravity tool balancer 60-100kg dimensions