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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 10-105kg 9361-71

Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 10-105kg 9361-71

Hold tools or a load from 10 to 105kg exactly where you need them with this zero gravity tool balancer 10-105kg range with a 2000mm stroke length.

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About the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 10-105kg

This collection incorporates the 9361-9371 zero gravity tool balancers which has models which can handle a range of load capacities from 10kg up to 105kg.

The zero gravity design of these spring balancers enable the load/tool attached to be positioned exactly where you need it. Of course the spring balancer will need to be adjusted to suit the weight of the load in order for it to remain in the location you set. If you don't adjust it correctly and the weight is too heavy the load will simply descend the full stroke length. If done right the load will remain where you position it.

Key Features of the Zero Gravity Spring Balancer 9361-71

This range of tool balancers has some great features for optimum safety including a locking device to block the load at the position you choose, there is also auxiliary safety suspension and a safety mechanism to protect against load drop due to spring failure.

Adjusting the spring balancer to suit the load is easily done by means of a worm screw.

Other features in the sealed aluminium housing include a tapered drum with an inert spring and ball bearings and an anti-friction cable guide for smooth running.

Rotating suspension hook with a safety catch, stainless steel cable and an adjustable stroke limiter within the maximum 2 metre stroke length complete the main features of the 10-105kg range of zero gravity tool balancers. Additionally there is the option of a rubber cover for extra protection.

Other Tool Balancers

These zero gravity tool balancers are probably the most popular, however there are other types. Retractor spring balancers take the load back to its starting position as soon as it is released. There are also some which have a special stop brake which will hold the load in position even when the weight changes, reducing the need for adjustments for different weights. Finally there are a number of ATEX rated tool balancers which are for use in potentially explosive environments.

ITEM 9361 9362 9363 9364 9365 9366 9367 9368 9369 9370 9371
Capacity (kg) 01/10/15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-45 45-55 55-65 65-75 75-90 90-105
Stroke (mm) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Net weight (kg) 9.88 10.17 10.45 11.29 11.29 12.18 12.18 13.02 13.82 16.8 17.77
Gross weight (kg) 11.8 12.1 12.4 13.3 13.3 14.1 14.1 15 15.8 18.8 19.7
Package dimensions (mm) 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455×270 x280 455x270x280 455x270x280
zero gravity tool balancer 10-105kg 9361