Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 15 60kg

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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 15-60kg 9401-9436

Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 15-60kg 9401-9436

This range of tool balancers has capacities from 15kg up to 60kg and a choice of stroke length of either 2500mm or 3000mm.

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About the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 15-60kg

Whether its a power tool or a specific load, a zero gravity tool balancer will hold it steady at your required position within the stroke length. For this reason they are excellent for repetitive work and minimise manual effort, therefore reducing repetitive strain injuries. Guiding loads precisely can also be achieved with a spring balancer, again with minimal effort.

This particular collection of zero gravity spring balancers has a range of handling capacities to choose from, they are; 15-20kg, 20-30kg, 30-40kg, 40-50kg & 50-60kg; there are also a couple of stroke lengths to choose from, these are; 2500mm or 3000mm. Therefore there is a a really good choice to suit a wide variety of loads.

Key Features of the 9401 & 9431 Zero Gravity Spring Balancers

There tool balancers are simple to adjust to suit your capacity needs by means of a worm screw adjustment. There is also an adjustable stroke limiting device as well as a locking device so that the load can be blocked at any height.

There is a safety device against load drop if the spring fails (>3kg) and auxiliary safety suspension.

The top hook incorporated ball bearings for smooth rotation and has a safety latch for extra protection.

The drum is tapered on bearings and the winding device is precision guided to prevent jamming.

The tool balancer has a cast aluminium body which is ribbed for added strength and the cable is stainless steel.

There are a few optional extras to choose from which include a load hook with ball bearing swivel; a rubber casing for added protection and a floor controlled locking device (shown in image above). So together with the choice of capacities and stroke lengths there should be a tool balancer in this range to suit your needs.

Other Spring Balancers

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of spring balancers including the standard retractable type and Atex versions alongside a choice of zero gravity options., including the range you see here.

There are also a couple of electric hoists from Demag, Gis, Kito and and air powered hoists from Redrooster & JDN with tool handling attachments which are great for bench work and maintenance tasks.

Call us today should you require any help.

ITEM 9401 9402 9403 9404 9405 9431 9432 9433 9434 9435 9436
Capacity (kg) 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 15-20 20-25 25-35 35-45 40-50 50-60
Stroke (mm) 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Net weight (kg) 19.67 21.11 21.11 22.03 23.07 19.67 19.67 21.11 23.8 23.9 25.3
Gross weight (kg) 22.7 24.1 24.1 25.1 26.1 22.7 22.7 24.1 27 27.1 28.5
Package dimensions (mm) 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600x320x3 30 600x320x3 30 600x320x3 30 600×320 x330 600×320 x330 600×320 x330

zero gravity tool balancer 15-60kg 9401 dimensions