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CLB container lugs

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CLB Container Lugs

CLB Container Lugs

Need to lift a steel container? The CLB container lugs will give you an easy means of attaching slings and spreaders to enable lifting and moving containers.

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About the CLB Container Lugs

The CLB container lugs are designed to fit to the side of the container in either top or bottom anchor ports/holes. One of the biggest benefits of the CLB lifting lugs is that they incorporate a spring loaded bolt. This prevents the lug from being unintentionally released whilst in use.

The CLB comes as a set of 4 lifting lugs, 2 are for the right side and 2 are for the left side. They are simple to fit by just sliding them into the relevant hole and giving it a quarter turn to lock into place. They have been designed to replace the use of standard chain hooks which can easily slip out. They are actually easier to use than a standard hook which is a dangerous practice and not recommended.

There are two choices of safe working loads for the CLB lugs for lifting and moving containers. For a 32000kg lift the sling will be at a 50 degree angle from vertical; for a 50000kg lift the sling will be vertical. Any deviations from this will affect the SWL and safety of the lift. They are not to be used with a single 4 leg chain sling as the pulling angle will be incorrect,

With a design factor of 4:1 the CLB lifting lugs should be used with a spreader lifting beam to obtain the maximum lifting capacity. Please note the maximum safe working loads indicated are for the set of 4 lugs not individually.

Other Lifting Lugs & Container Handling Equipment

At Lifting Gear Direct we have a number of options to choose from when it comes to container lifting and moving. Other types of container lifting lugs can be found here, like the CLT for top lifting or you may wish to consider the Cobra lug or the Yoke container lug.

Chain slings are typically used with these lugs and we can make up a sling exactly to your requirements. Size, SWL, length and components can all be chosen to suit your contain lifting application.

Model WLL (KG) Per set of 4 Type of lifting Sling angle from vertical  Weight (KG)  A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm 
CLB 32000 SIDE 50° 18 152 181 45 37 73 75 40
50000 Vertical

clb container lug dimensions