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Cobra container lifting lug

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Cobra Container Lifting Lug

Cobra Container Lifting Lug

The Cobra container lifting lug CLL provides a safe lifting point at the lower or upper side anchor ports of a shipping container.

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About the Cobra Container Lifting Lug

The Cobra CLL lifting lug is one of the simplest container lifting lug designs on the market but its simplicity doesn't detract from its usefulness when it comes to lifting and moving containers.

The Cobra container lug is manufactured from high strength alloy steel and has a lug for connecting to the container at one end with an eye for sling and hook attachment at the other.

The lug is designed for ease of use, it is really simple to fit by pushing it into an anchor port/hole on the container, then with a 90 degree turn it is locked securely into place.

It should be noted that the Cobra lifting lugs should only be used in the side ports, not the top, front or rear holes. They can be fitted into either the upper or lower ports depending on the lifting method you are going to use. Once fitted correctly the container lugs will be set at 45 degrees from vertical to create the correct angle for the lifting slings.

These lifting lugs come in left hand and right hand versions so that they will lock in correctly on each side of the shipping container. They can be sold individually or as a set of 4, 2 left and 2 right.

Each lug has a working load limit of 12.5 tonne with a minimum breaking load of 4x this. They are supplied stamped with a code for traceability, WLL, CE mark, Steel grade and manufacturers id. Full certification is also available.

Other Lifting Lugs

There is a number of other options available at Lifting Gear Direct when it comes to moving containers with a selection of container lugs at the forefront. Some are for top lifting and others are for side lifting so you choice will greatly depend on your lifting method. (see container lifting for information on the different lifting methods).

Chain, lifting slings, hooks and shackles are all typically used during a container lifting operation, all of which can be supplied to suit your requirements by Lifting Gear Direct.

Cobra Model W.L.L. A D d E H h L M R Weight

mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
CLLL12.5 Left 12.5 46 70 25 48 166 25 265 75 60 4
CLLR12.5 Right 12.5 46 70 25 48 166 25 265 75 60 4

cobra lifting lug dimensions