Yoke container lug

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Yoke Container Lug

Yoke Container Lug

This container lifting lug by Yoke has a working load limit of 12.5 tonne per lug and is suitable for side lifting.

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Yoke Container Lug Details

The Yoke Lifting lug may look like a simple device however in a set of four they are robust enough to lift a loaded container.

Made in grade 8 steel the lugs are fully compliant to EN1677 they have been heat treated and crack detected. Each lifting lug is proof load tested to 2.5x the WLL so you can be assured of great strength and safety.

Yoke container lugs can be used safely with no WLL reductions needed in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees up to +200 degrees C, an added bonus!

Due to the nature of the ports/holes in a shipping container where lifting lugs are fitted they are slightly different for the left and right sides so that they lock in the correct position at 45 degrees from the vertical plane. This is the slinging angle required to apply the forces in the right places throughout the lift to ensure the container and its contents remain safe.

Yoke container lugs are used in the side ports and whether the upper or lower ports are used a spreader beam is normally used to spread those forces evenly. Following port protocols and guidelines by the HSE and LOLER are imperative for all lifting operations.

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Yoke Model WLL
For Chain
Size mm
Angle when fitted E
Left Side 12.5 20 45º 70 45 75 48 192 25
Right Side 12.5 20 45º 70 45 75 48 192 25

yoke container lug dimensions