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CLT lifting lugs

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CLT Lifting Lugs for Containers

CLT Lifting Lugs for Containers

The CLT lifting lugs for containers come as a set of four as standard. They fit into the top anchor ports of a steel container to enable vertical lifting.

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About the CLT Lifting Lugs for Containers

When it comes to lifting large steel containers there are just a few ways to do it safely. They can be lifted directly from the top or at the top-side or bottom-side ports and are typically used in conjunction with a spreader beam in order to achieve the correct sling angle for safe lifting.

The CLT container lifting lugs are designed to be used in the very top anchor ports of a container. They are really simple to fit as they slip vertically into the port/hole and with a quick 90 degree turn they will be locked into place.

These lugs enable the use of a lifting frame and chain slings in order to safely lift the container, they will remain in place whilst moving containers.

A set of 4 CLT lifting lugs can handle containers up to 56000kg in a vertical lift, angled slinging is not permitted which is why they are typically used with a top lifting frame.

If you need to angle the sling then you should consider another type of lifting lug like the CLB, the Yoke container lug or the Cobra lug.

Safety Considerations

Whatever type of lifting equipment or lifting accessory you are using you must comply to LOLER regulations and guidelines set out by the health and safety executive. Due to the fact that container lugs are commonly found on the dockside at container ports you should also follow the port skills and safety guidelines (SIP003).

You should always thoroughly plan all lifting manoeuvres and carry out risk assessments as well as ensuring personnel is trained.

Lifting Slings will likely be required to complete the lifting process of a container using lifting lugs. Lifting Gear Direct can supply both chain slings and wire rope slings specific to your requirements so get in touch on 01384 76961 today.

Model WLL (KG) Per set of 4 Type of lifting Sling angle from vertical  Weight (KG)  A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm 
CLT 56000 TOP Vertical 28 123 217 45 39 57 101 121

CLT lifting lug dimensions