Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 4%E2%80%9325kg

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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 4–25kg 9354-59

Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 4–25kg 9354-59

Hold your load or tool at any stroke position with a zero gravity tool balancer 4-25kg. Excellent for repetitive tasks.

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About the Zero Gravity Tool Balancer 4-25kg 9354-59

There are 6 different capacity brackets available in this collection of zero gravity spring balancers.

4-7kg 7-10kg 10-14kg 14-18kg 18-22kg 22-25kg.

There is also an option to incorporate a rubber cover for providing extra protection for the balancer and load it is holding. As you can see there are plenty of choices to make and will mostly depend on the way in which you intend to use the balancer and the type/weight of the load.

This particular range has a 2000mm stroke length meaning that your attached load can move up and down within this 2m. With a cast ribbed type aluminium body and stainless steel cable you can be assured of a robust piece of kit. What's more there is an auxiliary safety cable to provide even more safety measures.

The tapered drum incorporates ball bearings with an inert spring drum assembly, for smooth operation whilst the precision guided winding mechanism will prevent any jamming.

The capacity is adjustable as is the stroke limiting device for optimum precision and ease of use, it can be set to suit your needs. Swivel top and bottom safety hooks enable easy anchoring and load connections.

Rubbers over options are also available to add an extra layer of protection to the casing.

There is an option to add a friction brake which enables control of the drum's rotation speed, however this can only be added on when ordering, it can not be added to an existing balancer.

Similar Tool Balancers

On the tool balancers page you will find a good selection of commonly used models from various manufacturers. Standard retractable models come in a choice of capacities as does the zero gravity type. Further to these you will find a number of ATEX rated models for use in hazardous areas.

Lifting Gear Direct an help with all your material handling and lifting equipment solutions and are ready to offer any advice you may need, just call 01384 76961 for all enquiries.

ITEM 9354 9355 9356 9357 9358 9359
Capacity (kg) 4-7 7-10 10-14 14-18 18-22 22-25
Stroke (mm) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Net weight (kg) 5 5.5 5.5 6.5 6 6.6
Gross weight (kg) 6 6.4 6.8 7.4 7 7.6
Package dimensions (mm) 465x225x 185 465x225x 185 465x225x 185 465x225x 185 465x225x 185 465x225x 185
zero gravity tool balancer 4-25kg dimensions