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Contact FDH/U Fork Mounted Drum Handler

Contact FDH/U Fork Mounted Drum Handler

One of the simplest of our fork lift truck attachments for drum handling the FDH drum grab range is perfect for low to medium volumes of drum moving applications.
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There are a number of model variations in this range, they are;

The FDH-1 and FDH-2 for handling 1 & 2 , 210 litre steel drums respectively; The FDH-110 handles a smaller 110 litre steel drum; The FDH-1HD is a heavy duty option for 1 steel drum and the FDHU-1 & 2 handles 1 & 2 drums respectively of the steel or L & XL ringed plastic variety.

More about the FDH Fork Mounted Drum Grab

Each of the models in this range can handle different capacities with safe working loads ranging from 250 kg up to 1000 kg, you can find out more specifics in the tables below.

The simple design of this drum handling solution means it’s easy to fit, use, maintain and store. With long fork pockets the FDH range simply slides over the tines of a fork lift truck, they are secured in place with two heavy duty, zinc plated screw type ‘T’ clamps.

Whether you choose the single or double drum grab (the double models can also be used to handle a single drum too) they are automatic in operation meaning that the drums do not have to be handled at all. Once securely fitted to the fork lift it can be driven towards the drum, for steel drums the curved arms should be positioned under the top rolling loop and on large or extra large ring plastic drums under the top rim.

The hinged, curved arms will open up automatically as soon as they come into contact with the drum and fall back around the drum when you are as far in as you can go. When the forks are raised the drum will be lifted and the forces applied will ensure the arms will grip the drum tightly.

The FDHU models incorporate a two position, quick sliding adjuster to enable either steel and plastic drums to be lifted. The FDH-HD is a heavy duty drum grab which is perfect for scenarios where the contents of the drum have a higher mass to volume ratio. Stainless steel options may also be available on request and there is also an FDHM version for Mauser drums.

Other Types of Drum Lifting Equipment

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we  like to offer extensive product ranges to suit the majority of common lifting applications; our drum handling solutions is no exception, there are many different types of drum lifters on offer from fork and crane mounted lifters to drum moving trucks; drum tongs and grabs also come in a variety of forms, so browse our range to find the ideal product for your drum handling needs, we are constantly updating the website, adding new products as we go always with cost effectiveness for the customer in mind.

Call the team on 01384 76961 to find out any additional information you may need. You can request a quote from the special button or email us through the contact us page.


Contact FDH/U Fork Mounted Drum Handler dimensions

Model Capacity (KG) No. Of drums Drum Types A load ctr B fork spread C fork width D fork thickness 
FDH-1 500 1 1 1110mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
FDH-1-HD 1000 1 1 1120mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
FDH-1-110 250 1 1 (110 litre) 1000mm 450mm 140mm 50mm
FDH-2 1000 2 1 1110mm 880mm 140mm 50mm
FDHU-1 500 1 1 & 2 1110mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
FDHU-2 1000 2 1 & 2 1110mm 880mm 140mm 50mm


drum types

Model Weight (KG) C of G Lost Load Centre 
FDH-1 43 554mm 130mm
FDH-1-HD 58 558mm 140mm
FDH-1-110 40 549mm 130mm
FDH-2 60 636mm 130mm
FDHU-1 49 582mm 130mm
FDHU-2 73 669mm 130mm