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Forklift drum rim grab contact pb

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 Forklift Drum Rim Grab Contact PB

Forklift Drum Rim Grab Contact PB

This particular drum handler is a little different from most of the other forklift mounted drum handling equipment in that it lifts the drum from the top rim with a parrot beak type clamp.
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  More about the PB Drum Rim Grab

As with our other forklift attachments the PB is easy to attach to the forks of your truck, they can be slid on easily and clamped with the two sturdy screw clamps. This model can stand up on its own too, which makes attachment even easier.

The PB is suitable for lifting both 210 litre steel drums and also the large or extra large ring plastic drums making this ideal if you handle both types.

One of the main benefits to this type of drum lifter is that is can be lifted and set down in tight spaces, leaving no spaces in-between, perfect for drum storage solutions, where tight packing is necessary. This is all thanks to the parrot beak type grab which grabs the drum at the rim.

The grab is like a jaw mechanism which is made from zinc plated hardened steel, once gripped onto the drum chimb the weight of the drum is used to ensure the jaws stay firmly locked in place. This robust grab means that the PB drum grab can be used in the most rugged areas without the drum coming loose.

At the lower end of the PB grab there is a cradle/crutch type support which incorporates a rubber lining; this offers additional support to the drum during transportation whilst the rubber lining offers a cushioning protection.

Because the PB drum grab relies on the weight of the drum for a secure grip this product should not be used for handling empty drums.

There is a good choice of models available in this range including models which can handle 1, 2 or 3 drums at a time, there are also models to handle different drum types, you can find out all the necessary details in the specification tables below.

Other Drum Lifting Solutions

Lifting Gear Direct can supply an excellent choice of equipment for handling different types of drums in a variety of ways. Grabs, tongs, tippers, rotators, drum trucks and much more, so however you are handling your drums you should find the material handling solution.

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Forklift drum rim grab dimensions

Model Capacity (KG) No. Of drums Drum Types A load ctr B fork spread C fork width D fork thickness 
PB-1 750 1 1 & 2 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-2 1500 2 1 & 2 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-3 2250 3 1 & 2 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-1-C 750 1 3 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-2-C 1500 2 3 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-3-C 2250 3 3 1244mm 560mm 140mm 50mm
PB-1-SP 450 1 1 & 2 1331mm 500mm 145mm 50mm
PB-2 SP 900 2 1 & 2 1331mm 725mm 145mm 50mm


drum types

Model Weight (KG) C of G Lost Load Centre 
PB-1 78 583mm 210mm
PB-2 102 637mm 210mm
PB-3 126 698mm 210mm
PB-1-C 79 585mm 340mm
PB-2-C 104 638mm 340mm
PB-3-C 128 699mm 340mm
PB-1-SP 60 583mm 45mm
PB-2 SP 90 647mm 45mm