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Semi automatic drum lifting tongs contact dtg v

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 Semi-Automatic Drum Lifting Tongs Contact DTG-V

Semi-Automatic Drum Lifting Tongs Contact DTG-V

This drum lifting tong range incorporates 3 model variations; 1 for steel drums with capacities of 500kg 1 for steel or plastic drums at 1000kg and a model for 500kg Mauser (egg shaped) drums; all or the 210 litre variety.
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Key Features of the DTG semi-automatic drum tongs

Unlike the DTG-AU which are fully automatic in operation, this DTG model are semi-automatic and require just a little manual intervention to lock on to a drum. All that is needed is the lever to be engaged to grab a drum or released to set down a drum, it’s really quite simple and minimal effort is required.

This particular model is slung and can be utilized on a crane or hoist hook or even slung under the tines of a forklift truck with the addition of a yoke attachment.

How to use the DTG semi automatic Drum Tongs

The DTG attachment has a suspension eye/pin for easy fitting to a crane or hoist hook for example. When you are ready to begin the lifting operation ensure the drum is positioned under the device. Once the grab pads are locked in the open position lower the tongs directly over the drum until contact is made, when resting on the drum you can operate the lever to disengage, then as you slowly lift the device the 4 grab pads will automatically close up under the top rim of the drum holding it firmly for lifting.

When the drum is lowered back to the ground and the tongs lowered slightly to slacken, the grab pads will open, the latching lever can then be flipped over  which will automatically release the drum.

Other Drum Handling & Lifting Solutions

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Model Capacity (KG) No. Of Drums Weight (KG) Drum Type 
DTG-1 500 1 26 1
DTG-1-HD 1000 1 33 1 & 2
DTG-1-M 500 1 28 4

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