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Electric Lift Platform - ELF Range

Electric Lift Platform - ELF Range

The ELF range of electric hydraulic lift tables are stationary in design having no wheels. There are 6 model choices with a range of platform sizes, lift heights and working load limits. Read on below to find out more.

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About the ELF Electric Lift Platform

These static hydraulic scissor lift platforms are used for lifting and lowering materials and can be utilised in almost any area. They are ideal for lifting up items to a more manageable level for maintenance tasks or assembling components for example.

Unlike standard scissor lift tables these ones do not have any wheels and are therefore stationary devices whilst in use, however when at their lowest they are much more compact and so can be moved to use in different areas. Using a compact hydraulic system a three phase power supply is used to operate the platform.

The models range from the smallest ELF10A-24x48 which has a 1 tonne maximum lifting capacity and the smallest platform size in the range of 1220mm in length by 610mm wide and can lift from 200mm up to 990mm high. The largest model is the ELF25A-48x72 which has a 2.5 tonne lifting capacity and a platform size of 1830mm long by 1220mm wide, the heights it can lift to range between 200mm and 1220mm. You can find the full technical details for all models in the specification tab above.

Key Features of the Stationary Hydraulic Lift Platform - ELF range

Compact in design and sturdy in construction the ELF hydraulic lift tables conform to EN1570. The hydraulic cylinder used to lift the platform is high pressure and incorporates a dual safety function. Hard, chrome plated piston rods perform smoothly when lifting and lowering. There is a 3 metre long control cable and an emergency switch off device for added safety.

Each hydraulic lift table is CE rated and is ISO9001 / ISO14001 rated so you can be assured of a quality product.

Similar Scissor Lift Platforms

At Lifting Gear Direct you will find a good selection of static hydraulic lift platform models all of which need a power supply. We also have an excellent range of economical mobile scissor lift tables, these have foot operated hydraulic systems and therefore need no power supply.

Take a look at our other load moving options to ensure you are choosing the best product for your requirements.  

Model Capacity (T) Power (Kw) Table Length (mm) Table Width (mm) Maximum Height (mm0 Minimum Height (mm)
ELF10A-24x48 1 0.75 1220 610 990 200
ELF10A-48x48 1 0.75 1220 1220 990 200
ELF15A-36x48 1.5 0.75 1220 915 990 200
ELF20A-48x48 2 0.75 1220 1220 990 200
ELF25A-32x56 2.5 1.5 1420 815 1220 220
ELF25A-48x72 2.5 1.5 1830 1220 1220 220