Static electric lift table with loading ramp

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Static Electric Lift Table with Loading Ramp - HTF-G Series

Static Electric Lift Table with Loading Ramp - HTF-G Series

Assembly and production lines can benefit greatly by using the HTF-G static electric lift table with loading ramp. The range includes 1 & 2 tonne model options with varying table platform sizes. Read on below to fond out all the details.

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What is the Static Electric Lift Table with Loading Ramp used for?

These lift tables are electrically powered and have no wheels so therefore they are stationary devices that cannot be used for moving loads around.

Having said that they have many benefits and are commonly used at the beginning or end of an assembly line or production line. They are also great for adding extra space to your workbench like a table extension. Garages make use of them for raising parts to a more manageable height for maintenance.

Due to the fact that the HTF-G static lift platform incorporates a loading ramp, palletised loads can easily be transferred to the platform using a pallet truck.

Features of the HTF-G Electric Lift Table

Both models incorporate a free standing motor with high pressure cylinders and a control panel which has a 2.8 metre cable on the 1000kg model and a 3 metre cable on the 2000kg model. 3 phase power is required. The powerful lifting motor enables smooth and swift lifting of heavy loads at speeds of 25 or 35 seconds (model depending) to heights of 860mm for the smaller lift table and 870mm for the larger lift platform. The platforms also have a minimum table height which should be noted from the specification table to make sure it is suitable for your needs. Here you will also find the platform dimensions and other technical details.

The steel ramp is the same width as the table and can easily take a pallet truck for easy loading and off loading loads from the platform. Both the table and the ramp are powder coated for good protection. The design of these electric lifting tables incorporates safety bars on all sides as well as a safety cut off valve for protection against power failures. Overload protection comes as standard.

More Lift Table Options

Hydraulic lift tables come in a variety of forms, many of which you will find here at Lifting Gear Direct. We have a couple of stationary lift platforms similar to this one but without the ramp, like the ELF lift platform range. There is also a 'U' shape static table which can accommodate a pallet truck in the cut out mid section without the need for a ramp.

Our scissor lift tables are the mobile option thanks to their wheels. These have foot operated hydraulics for quick and easy lifting tasks. Loads can be transported around the workplace with a mobile scissor lift table.

Call the sales team on 01384 76961 should you require any guidance when choosing your lifting platform from our extensive material handling collection.

Model HTF-G 1.0 HTF-G 2.0
Platform Size 1450x1140mm 1600x1200mm
Capacity 1000kg 2000kg
Maximum table height 105mm 870mm
Minimum table height 85mm 105mm
Lifting time 25 seconds 35 seconds
Motor 0.75kw 1.5kw
Power Supply three phase three phase
Safety cut-out bars on all sides yes yes