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U shape electric lift table

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U Shape Electric Lift Table

U Shape Electric Lift Table

Piece work and production tasks can be made easier and more effective with a U-shape lift table. The HTF-U is a static lifting platform with a cut out 'U' shape in the centre to enable easy access, especially for a pallet truck.

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About the U-shape lift table – HTF-U

Designed with palletized loads in mind the U-shape electric lift table can perfectly accommodate a pallet truck in the centre cut out 'U' section. When the table is in a lowered position a loaded pallet can be pushed right up into the 'U' on a suitably sized pallet truck. The pallet along with its load can be deposited on the 3 sides of the table where it will sit securely on the pallet.

Similarly steel mesh baskets and crates can also be positioned on the HTF-U lift table, as can other items so long as it rests on each side of the table and the bottom is strong enough to bear the weight of the load.

This is a static lift table and is designed to be used in the same position whilst in continual use.

Key Features of the HTF-U Shaped Electric Lift Platform

This 'U' shaped lift platform requires a 3 phase power supply (AC380v/50hz) and comes with a 5 pin male connection point. The electric motor which provides 0.75kw of lifting power and enables the table to handle loads up to 1000kg. The total lifting time is approximately 18 seconds; when the table is loaded it lifts at 32mm per second and lowers at 48mm per second so lifting your loads can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The size of the loading platform is 1450 x 1140mm, the perfect size for a pallet or crate and is powder coated for added protection and easy maintenance. The lowest table height is 80mm but at its maximum lifting height it measures 800mm.

The stand alone power pack has a 2.8 metre cable and incorporates a pedestal with the controls at the top where you will find three buttons – up, down and an emergency stop to provide a safety back up in case of emergencies.

An additional safety feature of the HTF-U static lift table is the safety cut off bars on each side. These will stop the table's decent if it makes contact with an obstruction. Overload protection is also provided as standard.

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Model HTF-U
Capacity 1000kg
Max. Table Height 780mm
Min. Table Height 80mm
Platform top size 1450x1140mm
Lifting Time 18 secs
Lifting Speed with load 42mm/sec
Lowering speed with load 48mm/sec
Motor 0.75kw
Net weight 235kg