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Heavy Duty Fork/Crane Mounted Drum Rotator Contact DTR-3&4-1000

Heavy Duty Fork/Crane Mounted Drum Rotator Contact DTR-3&4-1000

The contact DTR can be slung under a crane hook or fitted to the tines on your fork lift truck. Once fitted you can rotate drums and barrels with ease.

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About the Heavy Duty Drum Rotator

The DTR 3 & 4 - 1000 series are heavy duty drum rotators which can be easily fitted to your forklift truck or attached below a crane hook making it more versatile. The fork pockets are generous in size for easy to drive in fitting. There is also a central lifting eye for crane/hoist attachment.

The heavy duty steel girdle  complete with double ratchet straps securely grips the drum and enables lifting, turning and emptying of heavier contents, for example, scrap metals or powders. Emptying can be completed in a controlled manner to minimize the risk of spillage.

A crank lever attached to the quality gearbox enables easy rotation for up to shoulder height operation. Drums can be rotated through a full 360 degree turning circle. Suitable for 210 litre steel drums

Other Drum Rotators and handlers.

There are many other types of drum handling equipment available from Lifting Gear Direct and purchasing them couldn't be easier. If you need to rotate your drums we have a number of options available including the DTRU 3&4, DTR-DS 1&2, SDR-DS, the DTR-DS 3&4 and the HD80A drum emptying truck.

If you don't need to rotate your drums then take a look at our other equipment, we have drum trucks, products for lifting drums and a range of products for mounting to a fork lift truck. All can handle drums in a variety of ways so you are sure to find something to suit your needs here.

ModelCapacity (KG)Drum Type (210 litre)Type of Op. Max fork size (mm)Weight (KG)C of GLoad centre
DTR-3-10001000SteelCrank handle140x50120100mm100mm
DTR-4-10001000SteelLoop Chain 140x50126100mm100mm

Heavy Duty Fork/Crane Mounted Drum Rotator Contact DTR-3&4-1000