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Hydraulic Drum Truck for Pallets DTHRP/1

Hydraulic Drum Truck for Pallets DTHRP/1

There are 2 models in this range of hydraulic drum truck for pallets DTHRP and DTHRP1. The key difference is the legs, which are parallel or 90 degree 'V' type respectively. Ideal for loading and offloading from pallets.

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About the Hydraulic Drum Truck DTHRP/1

Loading or unloading steel drums off a pallet can be awkward and irksome especially is the drums are full and heavy. The 2 models in this collection of hydraulic drum trucks are designed with this in mind and have a higher lift base to clear the top of a pallet.

The DTHRP hydraulic drum truck possesses parallel legs which fit around each edge of a pallet and because of the added height it can be driven straight over the top. This parallel leg model makes it easy to load drums from the centre of a pallet, something which is difficult with a normal truck which will only reach the outer edge. This model incorporates 2 fixed wheels at the fore and 2 braked castors to the rear.

The DTHRP1 hydraulic drum truck has legs which make a 'V' shape and are at a 90 degree angle. These trucks fit neatly around the corner of a pallet so loading and off loading can be completed from the corner. These models are ideal for 4 drum pallets as only the corner ones can be picked up. These models incorporate 2 fixed wheels to the front and 1 swivel castor with brake at the rear for easier steering.

A further benefit to both of these trucks is that because of their extra height they can be used for drum sumps or spillage containment trays.

You can find all the measurements and other technical information on the specifications tab above.

Alternative Drum and Barrel Trucks

If pallet loading/unloading is not on your radar but still need to move drums around then check out the full collection here at Lifting Gear Direct. There are oodles of drum trucks in differing designs including some drum rotator options. If you have a forklift truck then a special attachment for drum handling could be your ideal solution. Our drum tongs and grabs make light work of lifting drums to a height but will need additional equipment like a hoist.

Whatever your drum handling requirements are, we can usually help so call us today on 01384 76961.

Leg Type Parallel 90 degree 'V'
Drum Type steel Steel & Poly
Drum Size 210 litre 210 litre
Capacity 250kg 300kg
Dimensions 1200H x 980W x 820D mm 1120H x 1080W x 640D mm
weight 50kg 42kg
Distance between legs 630mm n/a
Max. drum lift height 330mm 290mm