OCS S1 crane scales

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OCS-S1 Crane Scales

OCS-S1 Crane Scales

The OCS-S1 crane scale series has four models with capacities ranging from 100kg up to 1000kg. Battery powered and light in weight the OCS-S1 crane scales are perfect for a wide range of industries for load weighing tasks.

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About the OCS-S1 Crane Scales

The aluminium housing of the scale keeps the overall weight to a minimum and therefore makes it easy to transport and use.

The display area is large and uses Red LED's which are large and super bright which means that the display can be read from longer distances. The OCS-S1 crane scale can be operated from a safe distance, away from the hanging load, this is thanks to the remote control function which uses infrared connection and comes as standard with this model.

There is a rechargeable battery incorporated into the design which, from a full charge can provide over 120 hours of continual use. There is an auto-power off function which greatly helps to maximise the battery power.

With great level s of accuracy of between 50g to 500g depending on the model you can be assured of the weight of your load and minimise overload risks. The features of this impressive load weighing crane scale include hold and zero and probably the most useful tare function. An overload alarm is also incorporated for additional safety.

There is a top shackle for anchoring and a lower hook with safety catch for attaching the load, both are made from stainless steel.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Model capacity /accuracy graduation; 100kg/0.05kg; 300kg/0.1kg; 500kg/0.2kg; 1000kg/0.5kg.
  • Aluminium die-cast housing
  • Large clear red LED display
  • Remote Control function
  • stainless steel top shackle and bottom safety hook
  • overload alarm
  • Functions; zero, tare, hold

Other Load Weighing Solutions

There are three other crane scales in the OCS collection, this one, the S1, the L, the X and the Z. These offer a wide range of lifting capacities up to 20000kg. You will also find a range of scales from manufacturers such as Yale and Straightpoint in the main crane scale category, If you are looking for Dini Argeo scales then check out the shop by brand page.

If you would like to measure certain forces implied by the load then take a look at some of the load cells supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, we can supply a wide range of load and force calculation equipment at great prices so get in touch or order today.

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