Yalelift itp corrosion resistant chain block with integral trolley

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Yalelift ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block with Integral Trolley

Yalelift ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block with Integral Trolley

The Yalelift ITP with added corrosion resistance for extra protection. An excellent manual chain block that forms part of the wider Yale range.
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  • Product Code: Yalelift ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Integral Trolley
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With its durable design it is better equipped to deal with safe lifting applications in environments that would leave lesser hoists in poor condition. There are plenty of load capacities available and its design lends itself to smooth, fast handling of heavy objects. The included trolley system makes this even easier and will help to boost productivity in your workshop, factory or warehouse. 

Features of Yalelift ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block with Integral Trolley

  • Providing all the benefits of the standard ITP model.
  • Push travel trolley.
  • Full corrosion resistance due to the Delta Protekt KL 100 process.
  • Both hand and load chains are stainless steel.
  • 3 models with capacities from 500kg up to 1250kg.
  • 3 metres height of lift as standard, may be extended at additional cost. 

Benefits of the ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

Our chain block line up is packed with suitable options for a number of lifting tasks. Yale goes a step further than many of its rivals by adding completed corrosion resistance as part of the aforementioned Delta Protekt KL 100 process. This provides an extremely durable added layer to the outside of the hoist, with zinc coating the underlying steel so that the usual wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements, chemicals and everyday abrasions can be combated. 

The chains themselves are fashioned from hard wearing stainless steel, which is not only strong, but also manages to offer its own level of corrosion resistance that you might not find elsewhere. Another perk of all this treatment that has been applied to the basic Yalelift ITP chain block is that it makes it look like a premium product. It will be a proud addition to any business and moreover will remain an attractive asset for a long time, with proper maintenance. 

Considerations for Yalelift Chain Block Buying

The 1250kg load limit of the largest hoist in this range might be the only limiting factor, so check out the chain blocks we offer from Kito, Raptor and Tiger if you are looking for an example that has different specifications. Our well stocked site makes it easy to find products from these major brands and many more besides. 

Need Advice on Yalelift Chain Block Products?

We believe that our customers should never have to make a decision without knowing all they need to about the lifting gear they are buying. That is why our experienced team is on hand to talk you through the process. Contact us online or call 01384 76961 and we will make sure that you get product info, quotes and guidance in a jiffy.

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