He 500mf builders hoist

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HE 500MF Builders hoist

HE 500MF Builders hoist

Thanks to its generous safe working load limit of 500kg, the HE 500MF builders hoist is a cost-effective and productive mid-range entry in the wider L Europea range of gantry hoists from TEA.

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 The HE500MF Builders Hoist shares a similar single phase motor to the smaller HE 300 MF, but its higher capacity means that its lifting speed is a little slower. The HE 500 TF brings a three-phase motor to bear on half-tonne lifting tasks that need to get done quicker. This manufacturer also has a good range of scaffold hoists.

Why Choose the HE 500 MF Builders Hoist?

This TEA L’Europea hoist is pitched perfectly between its counterparts. It does not have the 800kg capacity of the larger HE 800 MF, but it is quite a bit more capable than the HE 300 MF we mentioned earlier. 

Hitting an average lifting speed of 23 metres per minute is more than adequate in most cases. The working length is 25 metres cthough the maximum working length can be up to 40 metres. 

Weighing in at just 48kg before the accompanying gantry is considered, the HE 500 MF should be straightforward to manoeuvre into position safely by workers. It is a sturdy, consistent bit of kit that compares favourably to other gantry hoists

Add-Ons for HE 500 MF Builders Gantry Hoists

If you need extras to get your builders gantry hoists up and running, our site stocks various excellent accessories that are likely to meet your needs. Add in some ballast boxes to make sure you can handle 500kg weights without any risk of tipping. Choose a high capacity bucket to make manoeuvring loose loads less hassle. Pick up a gantry frame with a safe working load limit of up to 800kg. Any or all of these add-ons will let you harness the full potential of the HE 500 MF hoist. 

Want Gantry Hoist Guidance from the Experts?

The LGD team can help you tackle any lifting gear issue, whether you want information on scaffold hoists or gantry hoists, a quote for one of our inspection services or general help making a decision about which unit to buy. Drop us a line on 01384 76961 or email us here for the advice you need delivered in a friendly, easy to digest format.

Model HE 500 MF
Motor type  Single Phase
Voltage  220v
Frequency  50Hz
Max. lifting capacity  500kg
Motor power 1500w
Average lifting speed 23m/min
working length  25m
Max. working length 40m
Steel cable diameter  7mm
Cable breaking point under load  17.63kN
Hoist weight 48kg
Dimensions 860/320/530mm