Imer bs 500 builders hoist

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IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist

IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist

One of IMER s durable builders gantry hoist models, the BS 500 is built to last and will work seamlessly for lifting and lowering in the construction sector.
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The IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist has various advantageous features, such as a half-tonne load capacity and a powerful motor that can deliver impressive average lifting speeds. Read on to find out all about this model, or take a look at its smaller sibling, the ET 300 N, for a more compact alternative. 

IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist Specifications

The IMER BS 500 builders Gantry Hoist has a working load limit of 500kg. This makes it a versatile bit of lifting gear for a number of construction jobs. It can help manoeuvre materials into place without the need for workers to do this manually. Furthermore, its average full load lifting speed of 26 metres per minute means that it can do this quickly and repeatedly throughout a shift, without stopping or faltering at any point. 

A 26 metre steel wire rope is included as standard with this hoist, endowing it with a maximum working height of 25 metres. The entire machine weighs in at 90 kilograms, so in spite of its high load capacity, it is still fairly light and manoeuvrable. 

Using the IMER BS 500 Builders Gantry Hoist

This hoist is designed for use with the gantry frame (available on the IMER accessories page). This official gantry frame comes in two sizes, with the larger unit able to handle the 500kg lifting capacity of the BS 500. It achieves stability and safety using a pair of ballast boxes that sit at the back of the assembly. 

Benefits of the IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist

First on the list of perks is its hard-wearing design and reliable components. The heavy duty motor and structure can withstand continuous operation. This is vital if you want to avoid any unplanned downtime, although it should still be inspected regularly to ensure that it remains in good condition and meets regulatory standards for safety. LGD can inspect lifting equipment, so if you need a trained specialist to visit your site and scrutinise your gantry hoist in the future, that can be arranged.

 Call us for IMER Builders Gantry Hoist Advice

Contact the Lifting Gear Direct team if you have questions about the BS 500 or any of our other hoisting products and services. Our landline number is 01384 76961, but if it is outside of our office hours then the easiest way to get in touch is via email. Check out our contact page for full details.

Maximum capacity (KG)500
Av. Full load lifting speed26
Max. Working height (m)25
Ø steel rope (mm)8
Rope length (m)26
Motor power rate 230v/50hz 3 phase (kW)2.2
Motor speed (rpm)1400
Running current (A)5.2
Machine weight (KG)90
SPL in operators position dB(A)<80
Dimensions w/l/h (mm)340/740/560
Packing dimensions w/l/h (mm)360/760/630
Imer BS500 builders hoist dimensions