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Yale Ratchet Lever Hoists

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Yale ratchet lever hoists are an excellent choice from the range of lever hoists available from Lifting Gear Direct and are always a good seller. The range of Yale lever hoists incorporates 8 models, from the Yale Handy ratchet hoist to the D85 pull winch. With many lifting capacity options across the range, there is a Yale lever hoist to suit your lifting and pulling needs

Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist

Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist


Key Features of the Yale UNOplus-A Series Lever HoistThe UNO plus A series ratc..

Yale Handy Lever Hoist

Yale Handy Lever Hoist


 About the Yale Handy Lever Hoist  At just 240mm tall this handy ratc..

Yale UNO Plus Atex Rated Lever Hoist


About the Yale ATEX Uno Plus Ratchet Lever Hoist The ATEX Uno plus lever hoist ..

Yale PT Lever Hoist / Pull Lift

Yale PT Lever Hoist / Pull Lift


About the Yale PT Ratchet Lever Hoist The pressed steel housing makes this a st..

Yale C85 Pul-lift / Lever Hoist


About the Yale C85 Pul-lift This lever hoist incorporates an enclosed cover, le..

Yale D85 Lever Hoist / Pull Lift


About the Yale D85 Pul-lift With a housing cover, lever and bottom block made f..

Utility Lever Hoist - Yale UT


About the Yale Utility Lever Hoist This new Utility lever hoist was designed ..

Yale ERGO 360 Lever Hoist


About the Yale ERGO 360 Ratchet Lever HoistThe innovative design of the Ergo 360..

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The name Yale is synonymous with quality lifting gear and their range of ratchet lever hoists are no exception. With an enviable reputation and over 145 years of experience, you can always trust Yale hoisting devices.
Lifting Gear Direct have been dealing with Yale and the Columbus Mckinnon Corporation, to whom Yale is part of, for many years. We can offer the full range of Yale ratchet lever hoists at great prices thanks to being one of their leading distributors in the UK.

The Yale Ratchet Lever Hoist Range

Of the 8 models available the smallest is the ‘Handy lever hoist’ with lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 500kg, known for its lightness and compactness. It is an ideal workshop companion and a toolbox must have item.

The Uno Plus ratchet lever hoist is a bestselling economy model and comes in SWL from 750kg up to 6000kg.  It boasts some excellent features for smooth operation. The Uno plus is also available in an ATEX rated model as well as the latest UNOPLUS A-Series.

Then we have the D85 pul-lift which has a standard link and the C85 Pul-lift which has a roller chain, both models boast maximum lifting capacities of 10000kg. Which is a huge weight for a manual hoist of this type? With some great, robust features you will get a great lifting experience with these models.

The ‘PT lever hoist’ is made from pressed steel and so is very low in weight, with maximum loads of 6300kg this model is suitable for use in many situations. With a slip clutch and free chaining mode as well as some other great features the PT is a good option for many everyday tasks.

One of the newest lever hoists to the market is the Yale UT utility lever hoist suitable for overhead line applications with capacities ranging from 1500 to 9000kg.

Finally, we have the Yale Ergo 360 Ratchet Lever Hoist. This is the most revolutionary lever hoist on the market thanks to the ratchet handle which has the ability to crank through a full 360 degree rotation. This means up to 12 times faster than a standard lever hoist. Boasting safe working loads up to 6000kg and numerous other features the Ergo is top notch.

Other Hoists

Lifting Gear Direct can supply other types of hoisting equipment by Yale. The range includes electric hoists and manual chain blocks. Winches, engine cranes, and air hoists by Yale are also available, check out the Yale shop by brand pages to find all their products.

Buying Yale Lever Hoists

Browse our Yale lever hoist range below where you will find all the specifications and other technical details you are likely to need. When you have chosen the model you would like or if you need help choosing, then call our informative team on 01384 76961. You can also contact us by email here.

As you can see the majority of our Yale ratchet lever hoists can now be purchased online, it's a safe and simple process. So when you are ready, just choose your model and checkout.

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