Yale d85 lever hoist pull lift

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Yale D85 Lever Hoist / Pull Lift

Yale D85 Lever Hoist / Pull Lift

The Yale D85 is the original ratchet lever hoist and Yale s founding product. The D85 together with the C85 are known as pul-lifts which is a registered trademark.
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About the Yale D85 Pul-lift

With a housing cover, lever and bottom block made from white malleable cast iron which has a high tensile strength so is great at resisting tension. This rugged lever hoist has a load sheave made from graphite cast iron and incorporates chain pockets that have been precision machined to ensure the link chain fits accurately and runs smoothly.

The D85 comes in 5 models with various lifting capacities ranging from 750kg up to 10000kg. The standard height of lift comes in at 1.5 metres though this can be increased to suit your requirements at extra cost per metre.

An overload protection device can be fitted to the lever hoist at additional cost. This protection is a slipping clutch and could be a big benefit it you lift a variety of loads with different capacities which you are not always positive of its exact weight.

A further optional extra which could be added to your lever hoist if required is the Yale YKST adjustable chain end stops; these provide an additional safeguard in case of brake failure.

The Yale D85 lever hoist is commonly used for pipe setting, spotting and securing heavy objects, in fact it’s great for most heavy duty lifting tasks in industrial areas such as mining, construction, maintenance, shipbuilding, fabrication and utilities.

Other Lifting Gear

There are many scenarios where some other type of equipment may be needed in order to complete a lifting job. You may need a small crane or perhaps a beam clamp to attach the lever hoist too; you will probably need a lifting sling of some kind too, in order to secure the load to be lifted. We have a vast range of lifting gear to cover most scenarios so browse our site with the confidence that you will find what you are looking for.

Need Help?

If you are having trouble finding exactly what you need, or if indeed you are not sure what would be the best hoisting equipment to choose help is just a phone call away, 01384 76961 is the number you need to reach our friendly team. Emailing us can be completed via the contact page.


  • High tensile, white malleable cast iron housing cover, hand lever and lower block.
  • Robust construction.
  • Cast iron load sheave with precision machined chain pockets 
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Easy to use, maintain and repair.

Optional extras include:

Overload protection/slip clutch and a free chaining device 


Yale D85 Lever Hoist / Pull Lift dimensions

Model PUL-LIFT D85 750 PUL-LIFT D85 1500 PUL-LIFT D85 3000 PUL-LIFT D85 6000 PUL-LIFT D85 10000
A min, mm 322 389 403 532 805
B mm 21 27 35 48 61
C mm 27 30 34 46 54
D mm 15 20 25 40 40
D1 mm 17 23 25 40 45
E mm 443 443 570 570 570
F mm 112 189 197 197 305
G mm 56 134 142 142 163
H mm 56 55 55 55 142
J mm 142 171 179 218 218
K mm 39 72 76 76 76
L mm 103 99 103 142 142
ModelCapacity (KG)Number of chain fallsChain dimensions dxp (mm)Lift with one full lever turn (mm)Handle pull at WLL (daN)Weight at standard lift (1.5m) KG 
PUL-LIFT D85 75075016x18.5111388.2
PUL-LIFT D85 1500150019x27453116.3
PUL-LIFT D85 30003000111x31334019.6
PUL-LIFT D85 60006000211x31174232.9
PUL-LIFT D85 1000010000311x31113760