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Yale ergo 360 lever hoist

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Yale ERGO 360 Lever Hoist

Yale ERGO 360 Lever Hoist

With this newly designed hoist, Yale has re-designed the lever principle, taking the operation of a lever hoist to a whole new level that Archimedes would be proud of. This hoist was the winner of the LEEA innovation award in 2017.
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About the Yale ERGO 360 Ratchet Lever Hoist

The innovative design of the Ergo 360 lever hoist means that it can be used for lifting and pulling tasks up to 12 times faster than conventional lever hoists and are great for use in confined spaces. This is all thanks to the revolutionary crank handle which incorporates a folding lever. This little lever folds neatly into the handle for transportation. Available in a range of lifting capacities up to 6000kg.

When in use the lever fully rotates enabling the crank handle to be operated with ease. The main crank handle boasts a full 360 degree rotation and allows the operator to use his full arms length and therefore reducing stress on elbows, wrists and shoulders. The handle can be operated from any angle and enables the operator to keep his body aligned with the load chain and therefore reducing twisting effect when a hoist twists around the chain. Up to 30% less effort is required when using the ERGO 360 when compared to a standard lever hoist. This is thanks to the full rotation which can also increase productivity at the same time as reducing skeletal stress on the operator.

The handle incorporates a direction indicator so it is easy to see whether it is in lifting (↑), lowering (↓) or free chaining mode (N). This free chaining mode allows quick and easy take up and positioning of slack chain. This can be done single handedly too. This device will not accidentally free chain when under load. There is a chain end stop that permits the operator to easily position the chain in free mode to prevent it from going into the lift wheel.

Load positioning is pretty precise thanks to the western style brake system. Made with aluminium housing and long lasting bearings for rigorous use; it also has a powder coated finish offering protection in harsh conditions. Zinc plated cast steel is used for the chain guide and chain stripper for high corrosion protection. The crank handle is made from very durable polyamide with a steel core making them perfect for heavy duty use.

The top and bottom hooks are forged with cast safety latches; they bolt on with nyloc nuts in order to simplify the inspection process.

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Although this ratchet lever hoist is an amazing piece of lifting gear, it may not be quite right for you, if this is the case, check out our vast range of other types of hoisting devices. We can also supply any type of lifting sling to compliment your hoisting needs including custom made web slings, chain slings or wire rope slings to your specifications.

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yale ergo 360 lever hoist dimensions


Model YaleERGO 360 750 YaleERGO 360 1500 YaleERGO 360 3000
A min, mm 320 375 445
B, mm 20 26 37
C, mm 27 31 40
D, mm 18 21 28
E, mm 327 327 377
F, mm 300 300 350
G, mm 40 51 57
H, mm  81 96 123
J, mm 121 147 180
K, mm 56 69 86
L, mm  105 110 121
M, mm 161 179 207
N, mm 30 30 30
O, mm 120 120 120
ModelCapacityNumber of chain fallsChain dimensions d x p Lift with one full lever turn Handle pull at WLLWeight at standard lift (1.5m)
YaleERGO 360 75075015.6 x 17.127206.6
YaleERGO 360 1500150017.1 x 2121.7269.5
YaleERGO 360 30003000110 x 2820.14016.8