Lgd lever hoist

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LGD Lever Hoist

LGD Lever Hoist

The LGD lever hoist / pull winch is a universal ratchet lever hoist which can be used for many purposes, not just lifting. It is manually operated so there is no need for any type of power supply which means it is perfect for onsite applications.

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More about the LGD Lever hoist

Whether you need to lift and lower, add tension or pull something heavy, you can with this heavy duty lever hoist. With the additional benefit of use in any direction, the LGD lever hoist can be utilized for many purposes whether in your factory, garden or out on site; a perfect piece of lifting equipment for keeping in your tool box or van/truck. If you are looking for something smaller then try the Handy lever hoist from our collection.

  • With two spring pawls, safety is pretty good; with the change over pawl enabling the lever hoist to pull the chain through either way, up, down, left or right depending on which orientation you have the hoist.
  • The brake incorporates an asbestos free friction disc and the gears and shafts operate on roller bearings or bushes and with a guide plate, chain leader and chain stripper you can be assured of smooth and easy operation.
  • The short but strengthened lever handle, fully machined lift wheel and durable, baked enamel paint finish ensures longevity. The upper and lower hooks are drop forged and heat treated to make them fracture resistant.
  • The hooks both have a cast safety catch which is double sprung for added security.
  • A toggle switch/direction selector is situated under the hand wheel and is switched to instigate the direction in which the load chain will pull through. When it is in the central or neutral position the lever hoist will be in freewheeling mode which allows you to pull the chain through in either direction at will.
  • So to lift or pull a load you set the switch to the up position, to lower or release tension you switch it to the down position. Each ratchet movement will advance the load/chain in the direction chosen and held precisely in this position until the lever is operated again.

Looking After Your Ratchet Lever Hoist

Most ratchet lever hoists are relatively simple hoisting devices and therefore need minimal help to keep working optimally. Keeping them clean is a good start as dirt and debris can hinder smooth operation and even jam the device. Additionally the hoist should be kept well lubricated.

Safety Precautions for the LGD Pull Winch

All lifting equipment should be visually checked prior to every use, checking the hooks and chain for distortions, elongations (signs of previous overloading), cracks, excess wear and loose safety catches. Performing a slow test lift is a good way to check the brakes and why they are always recommended. A more in depth check or in-service inspection for worn parts each month is also a wise move, this can highlight potential problems and enable repairs to be made and so averting accidents. Spare parts are available and can be changed by a competent/experienced person.

Every year your LGD ratchet lever hoist will need a thorough inspection by a trained person such as one of our own engineers. They will take apart the hoist and check all internal parts for potential issues, and identify parts which need replacing. Certification will be issued on completion for your health and safety records. Please be aware that the 12 monthly inspection is for normal use in normal conditions, if your hoist is heavily used or used in a harsher environment such as with excess moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosive fumes or excessive dust then you should have your equipment thoroughly inspected more frequently.

Contact LGD

At Lifting Gear Direct you can always talk to a member of our team regarding sales, repairs and/or inspections of the LGD lever hoist or other lifting equipment. Advice will readily be given if you ask. Call 01384 76961 or email us your enquiry. The new request a quote tab is another super fast way to get a price for the item you are looking for.

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LGD lever Hoist