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Collared reevable egg link eye bolt bsw whitworth thread

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Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread

Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread

Manufactured to meet the BSW thread form established way back in the 19th century, this fully compatible collared eye bolt benefits from the fact that it is affixed to a reevable egg link.

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 The result is that the already impressive angular load-handling potential of the bolt itself is expanded further. What is more, the link lets it accommodate a range of attachments, anchoring them effectively for whatever purposes you have in mind. 

Basic Abilities of the Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread

The Whitworth thread collared eye bolt with a reevable egg link included is not a single product, but rather consists of several fundamentally similar units which are distinguished from one another by their dimensions and load limits. This bolt is actually slightly sturdier than its metric thread counterpart. As such it provides between 250kg and 2.75 tonnes of handling might, while actually being fractionally lighter in its own right. 

To delve into the details even further, scroll down to the table of technical data on this range, which should answer any immediate questions you might have. If you are still uncertain, our contact details below will let you get in touch and ask us for any clarifications. 

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Our eyebolts are not limited to the collared design; you can easily pick up BSW thread dynamo eyebolts, varied eye nuts and a bounty of other anchor points. These fittings are a core component of many construction projects, lifting assemblies and other practical initiatives, combining bold design ideas with practical functions. 

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collared reevable egg link eye bolt - bsw whitworth thread
Safe Working Load Diameter Thread Diameter Link Length Link Inside Width Link Inside Thread Length Weight
tonnes a inch b inch c inch d inch h inch kg
0.25 3/8 7/16 2.3/4 1.3/8 18 0.21
0.5 1/2 7/16 2.3/4 1.3/8 23 0.29
0.9 5/8 5/8 4 2 28 0.73
1.4 3/4 3/4 4.3/4 2.1/4 35 1.19
2.75 1 7/8 5.3/8 2.5/8 40 2.65