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Stainless steel lifting shackles bow with safety bolt

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Stainless Steel Lifting Shackles - Bow with Safety Bolt

Stainless Steel Lifting Shackles - Bow with Safety Bolt

When you select our stainless steel bow shackles with a safety bolt included, you get the same load-bearing benefits of our high tensile units, but with that extra peace of mind that cannot be guaranteed with a screw pin fitting. As well as being more secure and reliable, these shackles offer a decent range of load limits and dimensions. They can take loads at an angle, rather than just being fit for inline use.
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 Why choose stainless steel shackles?

Stainless steel shackles offer a corrosion resistance much higher than standard steel shackles; Our stainless steel lifting shackles - bow with safety bolt are completely manufactured - including bolt, nut and pin, in stainless steel to EN10088-1.4404 = 316L. They come with a polished finish. 

The polished exterior is not just for show, as it has practical applications to bring to the table. For a start it streamlines the maintenance of these shackles, since any unsightly marks or built-up grime can be wiped away with a quick swipe. Furthermore, since the metal will not corrode quickly, the lifespan of these shackles will be extended further than you might expect. 

Safety Perks

The safety bolt incorporates the safety cotter pin through the bolt - located after the nut has been placed; this is one of the safest types of lifting shackle and work really well in semi-permanent lifting operations. 

Loading at angles is possible with a bow type shackle with reductions to the working load limit (see our bow shackles page here

These shackles possess good safety factors at 6:1, MBL (minimum breaking load) = 6 x WLL

Shackles are available with WLL up to 4500kg and are supplied with an EC declaration of conformity. The most compact of the range has a capacity of 280kg, so if you are looking for a specific size and specification of stainless steel bow shackle with safety bolt, cast your eyes over the table of technical data below to identify the right part. 

Which Shackles should you order?

That really depends on your needs and your budget, but our full range should contain the ideal product. We even offer special shackles that deliver industry-specific advantages in their designs. 

If the load limits of this stainless steel range are not extensive enough, our yellow pin bow shackles with safety bolts are a fitting alternative. They can provide up to 55 tonnes of hauling and handling power. We also stock unrated commercial bow shackles that are not built for lifting, but can still tackle anchoring duties effectively. 

Be sure to search our site if you are also in the market for other types of lifting equipment. You can even shop by brand if you are loyal to a particular manufacture and respect the quality of their products. 

Seeking shackle assistance?

Look no further than the experts at Lifting Gear Direct. Call us today on 01384 76961 and we can lead you through the shackle selection process, or provide a quote. The other option is to email us with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a helpful response.


Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Width Inside Length Inside Width Bow Weight per 100 Pieces  
kgs a mm b mm e mm f mm g mm kg stainless steel lifting shackles - bow with safety bolt dimensions
280 6 6 13 28 19 5.2
400 8 8 16 35 25 8.1
600 9.5 10 19 38 28 14.7
800 11 12 22 46 33 22.1
1000 12.7 12 26 52 38 35.4
1500 14.3 16 29 60 43 63.5
2500 16 20 32 68 50 80.5
3000 19 22 38 76 58 125
4000 22 24 44 88 66 182
4500 25.4 27 50 100 76 270