Stainless steel high tensile bow shackles

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Stainless Steel High Tensile Bow Shackles

Stainless Steel High Tensile Bow Shackles

These shackles do not just look the part; they are also rated for a range of lifting tasks and will look great thanks to the surface sheen that is always on display. They are a counterpart to our unrated stainless steel bow shackles which do not have officially certified working load limits. This makes them safer and more stable, if not quite as affordable

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 Features of Stainless Steel High Tensile Bow Shackles

Suitable for many types of lifting and load bearing applications these stainless steel high tensile bow shackles incorporate a type 'A' screw collar pin; we can also supply these with extra long screw pins with a hole for a cotter pin and/or countersunk with a slotted head instead of the standard eye, these are special requests and you should contact us for more details if required. 

Finish & Maintenance

The material from which these shackles are made is 17/4 precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel, they have a polished finish making them easy to keep clean. 

Cleanliness also goes hand in hand with resistance to typical types of corrosion. Even if these shackles are regularly exposed to moist environments, they will not rust up or suffer any negative effects in the short term. So long as they are properly maintained and inspected, they will be a suitable investment for any organisation that prides itself on safety and presentation. 

Safety & Load Limits

Our stainless steel high tensile bow shackles have a safety factor or 6:1 with the minimum breaking load being equal to six times the normal working load limit. 

Available with working load limits up to 9 tonnes and internal bow widths up to 76mm.

We supply EC declarations of conformity with these shackles and a certificate of the raw materials can be provided upon request. 

Comprehensive Shackle Selection

The line up of lifting shackles on our site is not just dedicated to stainless steel products. You can find bow shackles of other types, with screw pins, safety bolts and plenty of other unique configurations to consider. 

For example, if heavy duty lifting is on the horizon, a green pin bow shackle will be your best friend. If you need a bargain connector that is not rated for lifting, a commercial bow shackle will be more your speed. 

You will be privy to the widest possible selection of shackles at Lifting Gear Direct and we are willing to go the extra mile for our customers. If you are looking for bespoke accessories and equipment, this is the place to find it. 

Associated lifting gear

Stainless steel shackles represent a small slice of our lifting accessory range, which in turn sits within the expansive array of lifting equipment we stock. From load restraints to electric hoists, our gear is fairly priced and of outstanding quality. 

Our contact info

As we mentioned earlier, you can call or email the Lifting Gear Direct team if you have a particular request, or are seeking a product that you cannot find on our site. Our hotline is 01384 76961 and we can also give you a quote, answer general questions on any topic related to our equipment and help you out if you are not sure which shackles are the most suitable.



Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Width Inside Length Inside Width Bow Weight per 100 Pieces  
tonnes a mm b mm d mm e mm f mm kg stainless high tensile bow shackle dimensions
0.8 8 10 16 32 24 9
1.5 10 12.7 20 40 30 15.8
2.5 12.7 16 25 50 38 36.8
4 16 19 32 64 48 57.8
5.5 19 22.2 38 76 57 105
7.5 22.2 25.4 44 88 66 199.5
9 25.4 28.6 51 102 76 304.5