Bux battery powered lifting magnet bm3600

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BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM3600

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM3600

The BUX BM3600 battery powered lifting magnet has a maximum WLL = 3600kgs. It is an effective lifting tool for handling steel sheets, components and other compatible loads.

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 Its rechargeable battery allows for a manoeuvrable, versatile design that will suit many types of safe lifting operation

Rundown of BUX BM3600 Specs

  • IR remote control unit for easy operation from around 4-5 metres away.
  • Unit weighs; 180kg.
  • Rechargeable, onboard, 12V battery.
  • 3 pole flat magnet.
  • Bail sensor to prevent magnet de-energization, whilst loaded.
  • Lifts plate from 3mm up to 25mm thickness.
  • Tip-off feature enables excess plates to drop in case multiple sheets are picked up from a stack. 

Advantages of Battery Powered Lifting Magnets

Selecting the BUX BM3600 is a good idea if your lifting duties are set to involve magnetic loads. Steel is the most common material to pair with this type of battery powered gear

Because this model features a flat magnet, it is best suited to sheets of metal, providing optimal levels of contact and stability. The BUX BMP1800, which features a V-shaped magnet, is designed to provide compatibility with steel cylinders, so it may be worth considering as an alternative to this model. 

Safety Capabilities of the BUX BM3600 Battery Magnet Lifter

The intelligent design of this magnetised lifting solution allows it to detect when it has snatched up too many sheets of metal, so it can be used safely even if the load materials are stacked. 

Another advantage is the bail sensor, which will keep the magnet powered up and effective when it is under load, meaning that sudden drops are not going to occur. 

How to Contact LGD

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  Material Thickness (mm)  Surface Condition 
    Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mm Rusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mm Irregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
    Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG)
BM3600 70   3600   3400   3200
40 2700x2700 2275 2400x2400 2440 2400x2100 2320
30 3000x3000 1730 2700x2700 1570 2700x2400 1420
20 3000x3000 1250 2700x2700 1140 2700x2400 1050
15 3000x3000 920 2700x2700 840 2700x2400 780
10 2700x2700 610 2700x2400 580 2400x2400 520
6 3000x2700 370 2700x2400 350 2700x2400 320
Type Description L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Weight (KG) Tested lifting capacity (KG) Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG) Safe lifting capacity for circular material (KG)  Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) Accumulator type (DIN) Working time at 50% load (H)
BM 3600 2 poles magnet with prism  760 262 620 420 7200 3600 2200 25903 43539-3 8