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Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley

Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

The Yale HTP push travel beam trolley is a simple and easy to use beam attachment suitable for a range of beam profiles (I.e. INP, IPE, IPB) and can handle loads up to 5000kg.

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Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Two size ranges are available to suit beam widths, the size A range isfor smaller beams up to 220mm and type B for beams up to 300mm wide.

Key Features of the Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

  • Easy to manually push & pull along the beam.
  • steel wheels.
  • Ball bearings pre-lubricated and encased for smooth operation.
  • Central clevis bar for easy adjustment to suit the beam size.
  • No creeping to either side.
  • Wheels are designed for a beam profile incline of 14%.
  • UVV and machinery directives met.

About the HTP Push Travel Beam Trolley

Fitting the trolley to a beam is relatively straightforward; you should allow between 1.0 & 2.5mm gaps between the wheel and beam flanges for optimum safety. There are three main components to the trolley for fitting, the clevis load bar, and two side plates which include the wheels.

Screw the adjusting load bar into the side plates one at a time until the bar just protrudes from the outer side. Additional spring washers and cylinder screws are needed for the type B trolleys (included).

Using the screw load pin, adjust the width to fit over the beam flange, when in position you can tighten up the side plates until the trolley fits correctly with the wheels in contact and with the correct spacing as stated above.

The load bar has a central lifting eye from where to fit your hoisting device, this must always be in the vertical position, never horizontal.

Extra Info & Ordering

You can find the technical details in the table below. If you need additional information on any beam trolley you can contact the team on 01384 76961. When you are ready you can add to cart to make an online purchase.

Capacity (WLL) KGBeam width mm Weight KGCapacity (WLL) KGBeam width mm Weight KG
Type ‘A’Type ‘B’
50050 - 2208500160 - 30010.6
100050 - 22091000160 - 30012
200066 - 220162000160 - 30019.3
300074 - 220323000180 - 30035.8
500090 - 220485000180 - 30052.2
ModelHTP 500-AHTP 1000-AHTP 2000-AHTP 3000-AHTP 5000-AHTP 500-BHTP 1000-BHTP 2000-BHTP 3000-BHTP 5000-B
A, mm7782.598.5114132.59297.5113.5129147.5
D, mm16172226331617222633
D1, mm25304048602530404860
D2, mm30354758703035475870
F1, mm4646464645.54646464645.5
H1, mm30.530.530.5303045.545.545.54545
I (HTP), mm71.571.595.5131142.571.571.595.5131142.5
L, mm260260310390450260260310390450
L1, mm130130150180209130130150180209
O, mm606080112125606080112125
P1, mm168168168168168168168168168168
P2, mm146150155160167.5146150155160167.5
L3, mm346346396476556346346396476556

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley dimensions

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