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Self levelling crane forks

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Self Levelling Crane Forks

Self Levelling Crane Forks

These self levelling crane forks have adjustable forks to suit the width of your load. Ideal for suspending from a crane for lifting palleted loads and similar.

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About the Self Levelling Crane Forks

Do you need to lift palletised loads or other oversized loads but don't have a forklift truck? If you have a crane with perhaps a trolley and hoisting system then a set of crane forks would make a great pallet lifter for cranes and most likely suit your needs.

These 1056 self levelling crane forks have good flexibility in that the width of the forks can be adjusted to better suit the load, this is done by undoing the eye bolts and sliding the forks to the desired position and re-tightening them to secure in place. They can be adjusted between 450mm to 950mm.

For extra load security these crane pallet forks incorporate a set of hooks at the front and rear where you can attach a load safety restraint net which must always be used with this model and pulled tightly around the load and forks.

The lifting eye incorporates a heavy duty spring which enables the automatic levelling of the forks. You should ensure the load/pallet is no longer than the length of the forks in order to respect the centre of gravity and keep the load evenly balanced.

You should always lift the load slowly just clear of the ground to begin with to make sure the load is secure and stable, this is the point when the safety net is fitted.

There are three safe working loads to choose from for the 1056 crane forks; 1000, 2000 & 3000kg. More details can be found in the specification tab above.

Other Pallet Lifting Ideas

Palletised loads can be lifted and moved with relative ease if you have the right piece of equipment. Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a good selection of equipment to suit a range of pallet handling applications. Standard pallet trucks are probably the most popular pallet handler and we also have pallet trucks with weighing scales to calculate the weight of the load as you lift and move it. Pallet stackers are another idea to consider if you need to lift pallets higher to stack and load, we have a good selection of these to choose from.

Model Tine Length Tine Cross Section Height Weight
1000kg 1000mm 40 x 90mm 1500mm 120kg
2000kg 1000mm 40 x 100mm 1500mm 198kg
3000kg 1000mm 45 x 130mm 1700mm 364kg