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Manual stacker truck

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Manual Stacker Truck EFS Series

Manual Stacker Truck EFS Series

500kg or 1000kg are your lifting capacity options for the manual stacker truck EFS series. Lifting height options are 1.6 metres or 3 metres. The EFS pallet stackers have fixed forks and are only suitable for open bottom pallets.

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About the EFS Manual Stacker Truck

Constructed from quality steel precision engineered profiles these manual stacker trucks EFS series are robust and require minimal maintenance. The forks are drop forged for strength. They provide you with a means to lift and move loads which are placed on open bottom pallets, whether for vehicle loading, stacking or storing. Warehouses and distribution centres use this type of pallet stacker truck on a daily basis but they are also beneficial in smaller factory settings for skids and dies.

Both the EFS0516 and the EFS1030 manual pallet stacker trucks are relatively light and easy to steer thanks to the larger rear swivelling castors. These incorporate a foot activated brake for holding the truck stationary. The larger of the two models incorporates a 2 stage mast in order to reach the 3 metre height.

The design incorporates hand and foot controls for operating the lifting process, using a hydraulic pump system for smooth and easy lifting.

Unlike some other types of stacker trucks which have adjustable forks, the EFS series has fixed forks and therefore cannot be widened. Should you require this adjustability then take a look at the PA series stacker truck or the WS series winch stacker truck.

The specification table will show you all the technical data you are likely to need.

More Pallet and Load Moving Equipment

Many heavy objects are delivered on pallets and not placed where you want them so they will need to be moved. Shifting a loaded pallet by hand is usually not possible and is not recommended. You could remove the load first, and then manually pick up the pallet but as the load is heavy it is probably not possible.

Pallet moving equipment comes into its own in these instances and Lifting Gear Direct can provide a great choice from the common pallet truck for minimal low lifting and easy moving to pallet stacker trucks with higher lifting functionality for loading vehicle, stacking and storing applications.

Other types of load moving equipment include scissor lift tables, load moving skates and furniture movers; static lift platforms are another option to consider.

Model EFS0516
Capacity 500kg
Max. Fork Height (A) 1600mm
Lowered Fork Height 85mm
Width Across Forks (J) 550mm
Fork Width (F) 150mm
Fork Length (E) 1050mm
Overall Length (B) 1520mm
Overall Height (D) 2010mm
Overall Width (C) 820mm
Weight 156kg
Model EFS1030
Capacity 1000kg
Max. Fork Height (A) 3000mm
Lowered Fork Height 85mm
Width Across Forks (J) 550mm
Fork Width (F) 160mm
Fork Length (E) 1150mm
Overall Length (B) 1668mm
Minimum Mast Height 2060mm
Overall Width (C) 740mm
Weight 310kg
Load Centre 575mm
Fork Rollers 74 x 70mm
Steer Rollers 180 x 50mm

EFS manual stacker truck dimensions