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SFH manual pallet stacker fixed leg

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SFH Manual Pallet Stacker – Fixed Leg

SFH Manual Pallet Stacker – Fixed Leg

The 3 models in the SFH manual pallet stacker series have fixed legs and can only be used with open bottom pallets. 1600mm or 2500mm are the lifting heights available with 1000kg or 1500kg capacities depending on the model.

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About the SFH Manual Pallet Stacker with fixed legs

The robust construction with quality steel profiles and precision engineering makes the SFH manual stacker truck a great choice for performance, stability and smooth operation.

These pallet stacker trucks are commonly used for open bottomed pallets, skids and dies in a range of settings and thanks to the compact design (when compared to a forklift truck) they take up minimal space so they are ideal for smaller working areas although will be just as effective in larger warehouses and distribution areas. They are easy to use and don't need a licence to use them, although you should follow all instructions and safety guidelines accordingly.

The forks on each pallet stacker have been drop forged for the best strength and rigidity. Each model incorporates a hydraulic pump for enhanced lifting with minimal effort required. Additionally the lifting mechanism can be operated by hand or foot for your convenience and comes with a mechanical parking brake.

Finished with a chip resistant painted finish and conforms to CE standards.

You can find all the technical details and dimensions in the specification table above.

Other Manual Stacker Truck Options

Manual stacker trucks are available from Lifting Gear Direct in a range of formats, fixed or straddle leg, various heights of lift and lifting capacities, winch stackers and pallet stackers with either fixed or adjustable forks. Browse and compare the model choice to find your perfect pallet stacker.

We can also supply hydraulic tables, standard pallet trucks, trucks with incorporated scales and crane forks which can all be used for handling palletised loads.

Fixed Leg SFH Manual Pallet Stacker Specifications

Model SFH 1016 SFH 1516 SFH 1025
Capacity 1000kg 1500kg 1000kg
Max. Fork Lift Height (A) 1600mm 1600mm 2500mm
Lowered Fork Height 85mm 85mm 85mm
Fork Length (E) 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm
Fork Width (F) 150mm 150mm 150mm
Width Across Forks (J) 550mm 550mm 550mm
Overall Size L x H x W (BxDxC) 1600 x 1980 x 740mm 1600 x 1980 x 740mm 1660 x 1830 x 740mm
Weight 240kg 260kg 300kg

fixed leg sfh pallet stacker dimensions