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Straddle pallet stacker trucks

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Straddle Pallet Stacker Trucks - Adjustable Legs SFH

Straddle Pallet Stacker Trucks - Adjustable Legs SFH

The SFH series of Straddle pallet stacker trucks have adjustable base legs to enable it to straddle pallets if you need to to for easier loading and off loading. There are 3 models with a lifting capacity of 1000kg with different heights to choose from.

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About the Straddle Pallet Stacker Trucks SFH Series

The SFH pallet stackers come in 3 heights, 1.6 metres, 2.5 metres and 3 metres and all have a 1000kg capacity.

It is a highly versatile pallet truck which does a similar job to a fork lift truck but is much lower in cost, takes up much less space and doesn't require a licence to operate it. Their more compact nature means they are particularly useful in smaller workspaces.

Unlike many standard stacker trucks the SFH hydraulic stackers incorporate adjustable bottom legs. The adjustability means the truck can be used on open bottom and closed type pallets. The legs can be adjusted within their minimum and maximum range to suit the pallet, with the added benefit of being able to straddle the outside of a closed pallet.

The forks on these manual pallet stackers are also adjustable in width allowing you to pick up pallets, skids and dies of a variety of sizes. The hydraulic pump used for the lifting and lowering function can be operated by hand or foot for added convenience

Need to know the precise dimensions? No problem – check out the specifications tab above where you will find all the information you require.

Other Pallet & Load Moving Devices

When it comes to moving heavy loads, whether on a pallet or not, due care should be taken so not to cause harm to oneself or others. Lifting Gear Direct advise the use of appropriate lifting and load moving equipment to minimise risks as well as making your task much easier and quicker. For pallet lifting and transportation we have a collection of pallet stackers and standard pallet trucks, you choice will largely depend on how high you will need to lift the palleted load. If you would like to know the weight of your load too, then we have pallet trucks with fitted scales to do the job.

Load moving skates and furniture movers are ideal for moving stand alone objects such as heavy cabinets, machinery and other bulky objects.

If you have a crane and hoisting system then you could consider one of our crane forks which suspend from the crane hook. They offer an alternative way of lifting pallets if you don't have a forklift.

Model SFH 1016AG SFH 1025A SFH 1030A
Capacity 1000kg 1000kh 1000kg
Max. Fork Lift Height 1600mm 2500mm 3000mm
Lowered Fork Height 70mm 75mm 75mm
Fork Length 915mm 915mm 915mm
Load Centre 500mm 600mm 600mm
Min. turning Radius 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm
Outer Width of Adjustable Legs 1080 – 1360mm 1080 – 1360mm 1080 – 1360mm
Inner Width of Adjustable Legs 960 – 1240mm 960 – 1240mm 960 – 1240mm
Outer Width of Adjustable Forks 210 – 800mm 210 – 800mm 210 – 800mm
Inner Width of Adjustable Forks 10 – 600mm 10 – 600mm 10 – 600mm
Overall Size L x H x W 1480 x 2019 x 730mm 1480 x 1770 x 730mm 1480 x 2020 x 730mm
Front Wheel Diameter 80mm 80mm 80mm
Rear Wheel Diameter 150mm 150mm 150mm
Weight 320kg 360kg 385kg