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Pallet Puller – PU Series

Pallet Puller – PU Series

The PU pallet puller series offers 3 types of clamps with chain to grab hard to reach pallets from the rear of vehicles for example.

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What is a Pallet Puller?

A pallet puller is a type of clamp designed to grip a pallet stringer (see pic). The chain attached to the clamp can be used to pull the pallet into a more suitable position. For example if you have pallets at the rear of a truck a forklift truck or pallet stacker will not be able to reach it in order to offload it. The PU pallet puller enables the loaded pallet to be pulled to the edge of the truck where off-loading can be completed easily.

Pallet pullers are often used at distribution centres, at the dockside, ports and more to pull pallets and suitable crates to the edge for easier handling.

About the PU pallet Puller

The PU pallet puller series incorporates 3 models. They use a scissor type action to clamp onto the stringer part of a pallet. This action also enables a variable range of sized stringers to be pulled. The 2-3/4 inch high grip heads incorporate integral spurs/nibs to provide a firm grip onto the wooden stringer. As the puller is pulled, the forces applied will clamp the puller clamp tighter and will only come loose or release when the pressure/force is removed. i.e. when the chain goes slack.

Each puller comes with a 30inch (762mm) long ¼ inch proof coil chain for attaching to a pull chain. This can be be fitted to the forklift truck or some other type of pulling device.

The PU pallet puller should be used on flat ground and have the pulling pathway clear of obstacles.

More Pallet Handling Options

Palletized loads are commonly encountered and cannot usually be manually handled due to the size and weight. In these scenarios other types of pallet handling equipment is used, they come in a variety of forms and Lifting Gear Direct can supply most types at great prices.

Our collection includes pallet trucks, pallet stackers, crane forks. We also have a number of pallet trucks complete with their own weighing scales in order to calculate he weight of the load. Some of our hydraulic lift tables are also able to be used with pallets.

Model Maximum Pallet Weight For pallet Stringers Length Net Weight
PU10 2267kg (5000lbs) up to 3” (76mm) 30” (762mm) 21lbs (9.52kg)
PU20 2267kg (5000lbs) up to 5.5” (139mm) 19.5” (495mm) 12lbs (5.44kg)
PU30 2041kg (4500lbs) up to 3.5” (88mm) 15.5” (393mm) 14lbs (6.35kg)