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Hydraulic pallet stacker LTH400

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Hydraulic Pallet Stacker – LTH400

Hydraulic Pallet Stacker – LTH400

The LTH400 is a high quality hydraulic pallet stacker truck with a 400kg load handling capacity and 1200mm maximum fork height.

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LTH400 Hydraulic Pallet Stacker Features

Being a compact unit measuring 1410mm high x 590mm wide and 1040mm long the LTH400 is very useful where space is tight or where it is not frequently used and needs to be stored away.

A key benefit to this pallet stacker is that the forks are adjustable in width from 210mm up to a maximum 550mm. The forks are 650mm long so this means it is able to accommodate a variety of load and pallet sizes whilst keeping them stable throughout lifting and transporting.

The hydraulic pump to lift the forks is operated by a foot lever which can be easier to operate than a hand operated truck. There is a release valve which is used to lower the load gently, this is located centrally so its easy to reach with either hand.

There is a wide handle about ¾ of the way up making it a comfortable height for most users for pushing the truck around. Together with the 1200mm lifting height the LTH400 stacker truck is great for loading palleted items into vehicles or simply moving the loads around to different areas.

The LTH400 conforms to CE EN 1757-1 so you can be confident in a quality product.

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Pallets come in a range of sizes and styles so when it comes to pallet handling equipment it is not as simple as one size fits all. Some hydraulic pallet stackers can only handle the open bottom type of pallets whilst others can handle both open and closed varieties. Other differences include fixed or adjustable legs and/or forks, lifting heights and of course the lifting capacity so consider how and what you will be using the pallet stacker truck for before comparing the choice available at Lifting Gear Direct to find your ideal pallet stacker.

If a stacker doesn't work for you we have other pallet handling products available such as standard pallet trucks, crane forks many other types of load moving equipment to suit a variety of load types, not just pallets.