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Winch stacker trucks

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Winch Stacker Trucks – WS Series

Winch Stacker Trucks – WS Series

Ideal for lifting and moving open bottom pallets, the WS25 and WS50 winch stacker trucks have a 1.50 metre lifting height and adjustable forks, find out more below.

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About the Winch Stacker Trucks WS Series

The WS series winch stacker trucks use a manual winch to lift the forks and load rather than hydraulics. The winch operates by rotating the handle clockwise which will wind the wire rope to raise the forks. Lowering the forks works the opposite way, rotate the lever in the opposite direction ( to let out the wire rope and lower the forks.

The adjustable width forks are a big benefit to this pallet stacker as they can be adjusted to suit a range of pallet sizes, although they can only be used with open bottom type pallets.

WS25 and WS50 Winch Pallet Stacker Specifics

There are 2 models in the WS series of stacker trucks. Both are the same overall physical size and have a maximum fork height of 1560mm giving a lifting height of around 1.5 metres.

The forks can be adjusted between 160mm and 690mm giving you great adjustability and make them useable for many different sized loads.

The length of the forks differs between the two models. The WS25 has 800mm forks whilst the WS50 has 1000mm forks. The lifting height per stroke or winch turn also differs with the former being 40mm per stroke and the latter 22mm per stroke. The maximum lifting capacities are 250kg and 500kg respectively.

The WS winch pallet stacker trucks are made from heavy duty steel with a 'C' section steel mast with large vertical handles to pull and steer the truck. The lower legs incorporate 4 wheels, two smaller guide wheels to the front and two larger swivel castors to the rear for steering, these are lockable for secure parking.

Other Pallet Handling Equipment

Handling pallets requires specific equipment in order to lift and move them around. Forklift trucks often spring to mind as a solution but these are costly and take up lots of space. At Lifting Gear Direct we have a number of more affordable solutions to choose from. On our website you will find a good range of traditional pallet trucks which are great for everyday transportation of loads on pallets. We also have a range of pallet trucks with scales so you can determine the weight of the load at the same time. These, however can only lift the pallet just shy of the ground which is sometimes not as high as you need. A pallet stacker is a variation of a pallet truck but with a tall mast in order to lift the forks much higher making them ideal for vehicle loading and warehouse tasks.  

Model Unit of Measurement WS25 WS50
Capacity kg 250 500
Load Centre mm 400 500
Max. Fork Height mm 1560 1560
Lowered Fork Height mm 90 90
Adjustable Fork Width mm 160-690 160-690
Fork Width mm 60 70
Fork Length mm 800 1000
Effort Force to Rated Load N 100 120
Lifting Height Per Stroke mm 40 22
Ground Clearance mm 18 18
Min. Turning Radius (outside) mm 1075 1075
Front Load Roller mm Ø80x47 80x47
Steering Wheel mm Ø150x40 150x40
Cable Diameter mm 4.2 4.2
Cable Capacity Mpa 1960 1960
Overall Size mm 1325x725x2030 1325x725x2030
Net. Weight kg 140 146