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Tirfor winch tu32

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Tirfor Winch TU32

Tirfor Winch TU32

With the biggest pulling power the Tirfor winch TU32 Cable Puller packs a punch. Wire rope pulling machines can be used for many different tasks.

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Tirfor Winch TU32 Basics

The Tirfor TU32 is the largest and heaviest of the TU range, with a top lifting capacity of 3200kgs and the machine weighing 27kg, without the rope.

  • A professional machine for professional applications, can be used in numerous configurations; i.e. with sheave blocks to increase the capacity of the tirfor.
  • Durable and sturdy and able to lift, pull, tension and position heavy loads with great precision.
  • Any length of cable can be utilised.
  • Overload protection.
  • Maxiflex wire rope with a 16.3mm diameter.
  • One lever operation.

More Cable Pullers & Winches

If you need a smaller capacity you can try the Tirfor TU08, Yale Y08 or economy 800kg models. You can also get these in 1600kg versions should you need a mid range option. You will see in our winches category we not only supply cable pullers but also wire rope winches for mounting. There are many variations in the models on offer so browse the range and find the ideal winch to suit your purpose.

Model TU32
WLL 3200KG
Machine weight (KG) 27
Wire rope weight (20m) 26.6
Maxiflex Tirfor wire rope (mm) 16.3
Wire rope breaking strain (KG) 18400
Dimensions of the machine  676x330x156
LxIxW (mm)
Dimensions of the handle open/closed 1190-680

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