Best 2020 Winch A Product Review

Best 2020 winch a product review

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Best 2020 Winch A Product Review

Best 2020 Winch A Product Review
17 August, 2020

Best 2020 Winch: Product Review

Choosing a winch should take time and a lot of consideration. Winches are not universal, so you should choose a winch that suits your needs best. After all, some winches can work best for heavy-duty trucks, whereas others will work better for lighter and smaller vehicles. You should choose a winch that has a capacity of at least 1.5 times the gross weight of your vehicle.

As well as electric winches, we stock manual winches which are compact and reliable, or pneumatic winches which can provide power and performance in contexts where electric alternatives are not usable. 

In order to make your decision much easier, we have compiled a list of some of our most highly-recommended winches. Of course, before you decide on a winch, you will need to know which is best for you.

Trailer Winch 

Our Trailer Winch is one of our most popular on our list which is most ideal for use on lorries and boats. It’s mountable to a range of surfaces, such as a pole or flat service. With its stainless steel frame, the winch is resistant to corrosion and rust for longer-lasting wear.

With its manual operation, the trailer winch requires no power to operate. It also holds 800 daN (dekanewton) of weight, which is equivalent to around 815kg.

Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch

The Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch is compact, practical and versatile, with an impressive holding capacity of up to 1000kg. It has high efficiency and excellent pulling force and lifting speeds.

The Yale Electric Winch is ideal in demanding conditions as it is often used within the aviation, shipbuilding, construction and entertainment industries for lifting and pulling tasks. Although, the Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch does require electric supply to operate.

Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch

The Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch is one of the most popular products we stock, which is used in manufacturing, production assembly, mining, petrochemical and the food industry, for pulling, lifting and load-holding applications.

This winch is powered by air-compressed air supply, making it ideal when electric winches or manual winches are not an option.

Cable Pullers

Our Cable Pullers are perfect for tensioning and pulling loads of weight, which is why they are most commonly used by arborists for pulling out tree stumps and pulling trees down. It can also be used for vehicle recovery (when a trailer winch isn’t available), DIY jobs for tensioning or pulling loads of weight around the home or garden.

With a selection of cable pullers to choose from, you should first find out how much load of weight the cable puller will need to carry.

Mini Winch 

The Mini Winch is ideal for all indoor applications away from wet environments, making it a choice for workshops or garages. The Mini Winch makes for easy fitting with an easy-to-use saddle hook with a safety latch, which hooks over a pole. 

With a low lifting height of 20 metres, it’s best suited for smaller projects rather than industrial purposes. Please note that a 110-volt power supply is needed in order for the Mini Winch to operate.

Tirfor Winch

The Tirfor Winch is the original cable puller and is excellent for lifting, pulling and tension in any direction, making it the ideal toolbox companion. With its convenient size, the winch makes for easy portability.

Depending on the load weight, the pulling capacity can be increased by using sheave blocks. We stock three Tirfor winches, which separately have lifting capacities of 800kg, 1600kgs, 3200kgs.

Heavy Duty Winch

The Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Winch is a wall-mountable rope winch which is commonly used in theatres and sports halls. With the winch able to lift and pull up to 5000kg in load, it’s also highly used within other industrial applications.

The winch can also be easily mounted to a wall if required for easier operation, with two operational speeds for the models with a safe working load (SWL) of 200kg and over. The second speed enables smaller loads to be lifted faster but with the lowest possible handle cranking effort required.

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At Lifting Gear Direct you can find equipment of many types, including winches that run the gamut from compact and cost-effective to hefty and hard-wearing. As no two lifting operations are the same, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and offer you advice on which winch is best suited for your operations.

We supply a range of winches suitable for most winching operations including manual winch, electric winch and pneumatic winch models. With the range of wire rope cable pullers and Tirfors very popular with both DIY-ers and professionals alike. The range of wire rope winches includes something for every task.

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