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Forklift magnetic sweeper attachment

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Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment FMM Series

Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment FMM Series

The magnetic sweeper forklift attachment is ideal for picking up loose metal objects like nails, metal swarf, bolts etc. from larger areas with one sweep. Options include the standard FMM range to pick up from around 4-5 inches or the FMM HD series for heavier industrial use with a 6 inch pick up from the ground.

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About the Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment

Car parks, scrap yards, container depots, warehouses and many more areas could benefit greatly from a magnetic sweeper attachment for forklift trucks. Metal debris on the ground can be hazardous and cause all manner of issues from a nail in your tyre to metal items in your foot.

If you work in an area which constantly has some sort of metal debris strewn across the ground and also have use of a forklift truck then the FMM range of magnetic sweepers will make light work of clearing up the debris.

They are really easy to fit to the forks with a T screw clamp and use and can be stored away when not required. Each sweeper is CE marked and is supplied with a certificate of conformity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the strong magnets in these products can affect pacemakers and other electrical devices such as credit cards and watches. The absolute minimum safe distance is 1 metre.

Magnetic Forklift Sweeper Options

There are two main options to choose from in the FMM forklift magnet sweeper collection.

The FMM Magnetic Sweeper

The standard FMM range has 2 models with widths of 1200 and 1800mm. Each incorporates a strong magnetic surface which is suitable for picking up ferrous metal objects such as nails and screws, nuts and bolts and metal swarf etc. from around 4 to 5 inches from the ground. Alongside the magnetic area there is a non-magnetic cleaning strip which enables the metal debris to be easily brushed off into a suitable container for disposal.


This is the heavy duty series which is capable of picking up ferrous objects from around 6 inches from the ground. Designed with a wider 300mm wide magnetic surface for more heavier duty industrial tasks such as in scrap yards and where other larger metal objects require clearing.

The added bonus with this heavy duty magnetic forklift sweeper is the easy clean function that the standard FMM does not have. With a quick push on the quick release handle the collected metal debris will simply fall off.

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Model Width Depth Pick Up from ground (approx) Max. Fork Size
FMM 1200 1200mm 115mm 4-5 inches (101-125mm) 180 x 70 mm
FMM 1800 1800mm 115mm 4-5 inches (101-125mm) 180 x 70 mm
FMM 1200 HD 1200mm 300mm 6 inches (150mm) 180 x 70 mm
FMM 1500 HD 1500mm 300mm 6 inches ( 150mm) 180 x 70 mm
FMM 1800 HD 1800mm 300mm 6 inches (150mm) 180 x 70 mm